Melior Structural Solutions: State-of-the-art Precast & Prestressed Concrete Design Solutions

Sanjeev K Sharma & Monika,DirectorsMeliorism in metaphysical concept is a belief that world can be made better with human efforts. Mohali based Melior Structural imbibes the philosophy in its approach and strive for better services and solutions with application of state of the art in construction technology. Within structural engineering, Melior specializes in state-of-the-art precast & pre-stressed concrete design & related solutions for the building industry. The company is also involved in applied research in developing precast building design solutions for the construction industry.

The Genesis
The brainchild of current directors Sanjeev K Sharma and Monika, Melior Structural Solutions was born out of the curiosity to explore precast design industry and courage to better the existing methods of construction. “Rather than a single episode, it was a gradual evolution over a period that pushed us to venture into engineering services start up after heading couple of MNC’s in India,”speaks Sanjeev.

Over the years, the company has carved a niche for itself and is
currently involved in precast structural design(a new technology in India)for some of the tallest precast commercial and residential buildings in India.“ This shall encourage developers further to make use of this technology to build faster large scale housing projects and be part of governments vision in providing housing for all in a shorter time. It also shall encourage developers to implement precast construction methods for even tall building structures where there has been some hesitation in the past,” informs Sanjeev.

" Melior is constantly working in collaboration with clients to provide easy and cost effective precast element connections, low seismic damage systems, automation in construction"

In addition to delivering conventional structural design services, Melior specializes in design of precast buildings /structures, that enables production of concrete elements of a building such as columns, beams, slabs and even foundations to be cast in a factory, transport them to site and assemble them to construct the building in approximately half of the time than it may take to construct it in a conventional way. “Our clients are large scale developers looking for structural design services in cast in-situ or precast construction methods. We also support existing precast contractors and architects looking for structural design services for their projects,” he mentions.

Recently, Melior has just completed B+G+14 storey residential buildings project in Brigade orchards , Devanhali, Bangalore. The team has helped the developer achieve excellent quality and faster
construction with an in-house construction team reaping numerous benefits in terms of speed, quality & cost. “We are also working on another mass housing project - constructed for the Chhattisgarh Housing board under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna where 6000 apartments for low income groups are to be constructed in record time using precast construction technology,” he adds.

The Growth since Inception
Placed comfortably at an approx. growth rate of 25 present, Melior is focusing more on client satisfaction and increasing expertise that can bring immense benefit to their clients. “From FY 2014-15 onwards, our turnover has become five times. Work wise, we have spread almost all over India and are now targeting Middle East and other potential international markets,” says Sanjeev.

Melior has grown without any external investment or loans. “Our technical guide – Mr. Jagdish Nijhawan, a precast expert based in the U.S. and the companies I worked before starting this venture can be considered our mentors though,” he adds.

The company is constantly working in collaboration with clients to provide easy and cost effective precast element connections, low seismic damage systems, automation in construction. “We are further working hard on implementation of Building Information Modelling(BIM) technology in our methods of work that is a shift to 3D environment than the current 2D environment of making drawings. We also intend to expand more into global market in next three to four years,” concludes Sanjeev.