Menza Motors: Bringing a new Dimension of Commuting and Transportation for general public

Shivakant Pandey,MDThe recent population growth has had a negative impact on the quality of the environment.Resultantly, pollution (hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide) isseen touching its zenith and the whole of mobility is now shifting slowly towards electric/renewable energy. Gujarat based Menza Motors, one of the finest automobile manufacturing companies,is committed to save natural resources and use renewable resources as much as possible. For the Indian market,Menza motors has planned ingeniously to disrupt the current scenario and able to take any types of challenges which will occur in future.

The vision of Menza Motors is to change the scenario of transportation ecosystem. “As a game changer in transportation system, we are working on the smart grid system. For smart grid technology, there are special features included in our product such as solar and wind energy which are used as fuel for our products. Our team meticulously uses these resources. These resources are likely to be installed in our charging station across the
roads/highways/cities,” speaks Shivakant Pandey,C.M.D.

The company has formed various strategies to develop its business and has contacted NGOs, Govt.institutions and other regulatory agencies for spreading awareness.“Numerous of programs have been designed by Menza team to spread awareness about its vision.As a part of our awareness program,we are campaigning & visiting technical as well as non-technical institutions in Ahmadabad,”informs Shivakant.

" Menza Motors has recently launched a first-of-its-kind electric vehicle named Menza Lucat that offers a new dimension of commuting and transportation in everyday life, for the general public."

Menza Motors has recently launched a first-of-its-kind electric vehicle named Menza Lucat that offers a new dimension of commuting and transportation in everyday life, for the general public. A factory-customized motorcycle built as per the rider’s requirement and his riding style, Lucat’s unique features including Speed (120km/h), range, battery(more efficient than present in the market), Motor, Motor controller, customized features, and others. “We are seeing the huge market for electric vehicle as India has 60 percent population of average income and they will not afford costly vehicle. Keeping this mind we are working on our latest model named Menza Lucat2.0 which is ready to launch. We are also working on four models of Lucat series to fulfill the demand of the market and desire of all customer.
The team is also in the process of developing charger which is varying according to our models. There are four models of Chargers i.e. Fast, Rapid, Quick and Instant. We are constantly working to solve the issues of battery stability, cost, charging station, range, and infrastructure. “These chargers can charge the battery in 50-90 minutes. We are working on improvement of battery section in-house only as it will reduce the cost because it is the most costly part of the electric vehicle,” informs Shivakant.

The Journey
Since inception in 2014, Menza Motors has come a long way surpassing all the challenges and with relentless team efforts and dedication, the company has carved a niche for itself in the market. Menza Motors has its own production plant based at Bavla in Ahmadabad. The capacity of the plant is nearly to the extent of manufacturing 2400 electric bikes in a month. The plant is equipped with robust technology and machines. “In terms of revenue, we are not generating revenues as of now since our product is in testing phase. Once it gets certified by the respective agencies, we will move for production and then we will generate revenue,”he mentions.

Summing up, it can be said that Menza Motors is changing the perspective of the people& market and tirelessly working for sustainable development for green future.“As an electric vehicle company, we want to convey the entire business section/community to work on this project and deliver their best effort/knowledge to overcome the issue of pollution,” he concludes.