Merako Media: An Integrated Media and Communication Agency

Nikhil Furtado, Founder & CEO, Yazdaan Khan, Director & COO

Team MerakoMedia

Marketing has forever been the most preferred strategy used by organizations to single out, apprehend and gratify the needs of customers inthe most lucrative way. Latest advancements have given rise to new marketing dimensions, one of which is Digital marketing that ensued with the evolution of TV, Radio and internet. Ever since then, organizations have embraced it to carry out various promotional activities, boost the selling of products &services, conducting market research and advertising. Basically, digital marketing gives a helping hand to the marketers to build an impressive image of a commodity or brand in order to attract the targeted audience towards it.

MerakoMedia, an integrated media and communication agency stalwartly helps small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) improve their online presence and set the KPIs. The core focus of the company is digital marketing. It aggravates the commercial value of companies by optimizing their visibility. And to do so, it employs machinations like SEM, SEO and SMM.It can also be regarded as an all in one solution provider that
provides media, communications, graphic design, web design and merchandising solutions.“Merako primarily positions itself as an intermediate agency between large and small agencies. Apart from digital marketing we also orchestrate performance and affiliate marketing for heightening the online stance of products and services for our clients” avers Nikhil Furtado, Founder & CEO, Merako Media.

"MerakoMedia, an integrated media and communication agency stalwartly helps small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs) improve theironline presence and set the KPIs"

The founder of Merako, Nikhil Furtado is a mechanical engineer by profession. His keen interest in media and marketing incited him to not only change his line of work but also lay the foundation of this media and communication firm when he was just 18 years old, still a fresher in college. He ventured into this domain with the objective to offer solutions to SMEs and other companies and enable them to make smart business decisions, tweak their online presence and build an awe-inspiring image that could gain publicity and marketability. In the last eight years the company has made great onward movements. It has introduced various services and has partnered with other firms. Initially, the company catered the requirements of the local clients only. But today it serves international clients from Middle East, USA, Canada and Europe too. Furthermore, this bootstrapped company has created a stellar impact on its clients and the
market that at present it incurs almost 20 to 30 percent year-on-year growth. Yazdaan joined Merako a year back & helped set up Bangalore operations as well as introduce new lines of Video & Photography which have helped the company stand out in the market. Started by a single person, it is today backed by a strong and proficient team whose hard work and inventiveness has gained this organization a reverent position in the business world.

Towards a Bright Future
Merako is unstoppable, in the sense that it has modelled futuristic plans for itself. It is aiming to launch itself in the international market. The company is also very actively planning to spread its presence in almost all the major cities of the country. It yearns to become one of the leading agencies that cater to every MNC and big organization in and outside India. “We are targeting the international market because we feel that the value and opportunities regarding digital marketing are much better there. We are intending to inaugurate a satellite internationally as well,” voices Nikhil.

With the objective of providing cutting edge solutions, Merako is putting in place everlasting brands and customers for itself and its clients at the same time. It strongly observes the explication of the Greek word Meraki and executes every single task with utmost passion, heart and soul. To glean prosperity and growth the company abides by honesty, transparency, perfectionism and patience.