Metamorphick Solutions: Engineering IT solution to the Infrastructure Engineering Community

Nitin Choudhari,  Vishal Adyanthaya &  Atanu Pattanayak,     Co-FoundersThough the infrastructure industry in India is burgeoning expeditiously, it has been enduring a number of pitfalls as well. The common setbacks that prevail in this sector are planning, financial, technical and otherobligatory affairs. All these are to a great extend slacking off the progress rate of the infrastructure companies. Thus to put an end to all such concerns, Atanu Pattanayak and Vishal Adyanthaya founded Metamorphick with the purpose to help organizations thrive in this challenging and competitive

Owning extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields, both Atanu and Vishal have an out-an-out understanding of the industry and the idiosyncrasies in which it functions. Therefore they figured out a way through which they can mitigate the inconveniences and succour the infrastructure companies to take
the edge off the various obstructions. Therefore, through Metamorphick, they intend to confer services, consultancy and
advanced deployment of IT & Business Process Optimization tools that would result in tangible business outcome and build a long term relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Its services can concise as Application Development & Customization, Digital Twin Services, Design & Detailing services, Solution Implementation among others.

Being a trouble-shooter itself, Metamorphick got caught up in taxing circumstances. It had to travail to some extend in order to enhance its brand popularity, gain clients certitude and basically to inflate the overall market ability. This is exactly where knowledge and experience of Atanu and Vishal played the key role. They decided to embark with selective companies such EPC, Plant Owner and Software OEM. And for the first six months the team dedicatedly worked towards creating benchmarks and proving its potentiality as a company. These set of tactics helped the company to build an impressive stature in the Indian as well as international market. Ever since then, it has been making impressive headways that include tie-ups with leading organizations like Siemens and Design Power. And on the personal front the company’s revenue and workforce has multiplied. “In our success diary, we have names like Nitin Choudhari who joined us as co-owner. Today, we can proudly say that as a company we have not
only grown but reached the zenith in a very short span of time,” voices Atanu.

The secret behind Metamorphick’s innense advancement is its unique way of addressing each case. It dedicates ample time in studying the case and the requirements of the clients. Based on the requisites the company proffers solutions that are integrated with software tools from different OEMs, construct productivity tools and carry out necessary customization if required. The team avails latest technologies like drone survey & laser scanning for capturing built details, convert these to Intelligent 3D Models, 4D Simulation and Design Augmentation. To which Vishal adds, “This Modus Operandi has helped our clients to achieve faster turn around and safe execution of retrofits. We have been helping them by making software more productive either by customization or integration.”

The company aspires to see itself at an accelerating pace in the upcoming years. Perceiving the fact that a proficient team can only help it fulfil its dream, Metamorphick has every intention to hire more efficient people and cleave to the existing prolific team. With the help of whom it will be delivering customer success through incremental delta changes. “We strive towards achieving the goals set without compromising on the core values and are always adhering to ethical practices,’ he concludes.