Metasearch: Empowering Organizations With Competent Personnel From Across The Globe

Vineetha Shanker ,DirectorThe employment market is very competitive on a global scale, given the expansion of society and the demand for skilled labor. Almost every sector in India has its own significance, which has an impact on the country's economy. Every sector needs increasingly more people who work for them in order to increase the productivity of the particular organization or business. Thus, it is critical to seek the assistance of an expert Recruitment Consultant who acts as an interface for job seekers and organizations.

Metasearch is one such global executive search and recruitment firm, operational in APAC, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The firm’s proactive approach has allowed it to handle recruitment and search assignments with some of the world's leading employers. Metasearch, with its vast expertise in search practices and a global network of consultants, is able to take on assignments of any size with quick turnaround times.

The firm offers services such as executive search, in which CXO and board-level candidates are sought through a global network. Search assignments are completed with the utmost discretion and within stipulated time frames. Secondly, the firm offers comprehensive turnkey HR consulting solutions for start-up support. Subsequently, Metasearch provides end-to-end recruiting solutions spanning various industry verticals at mid to senior-level. Finally, the firm assists organizations in outsourcing recruitment and hiring practices, allowing them to reduce recruitment costs and time by 50 percent.
Metasearch has a better understanding of HR requirements and the timely implementation of process quality. Through its vast network of professional references and quality headhunters, the firm identifies and contacts high-potential candidates quickly and provides cutting-edge solutions. Metasearch analyzes the client's requirements and organization in terms of existing business activities, organizational structure, culture, and future growth plans, and maps position-specific competencies, such as job title, deliverables, primary accountabilities, and other relevant details.

The firm creates a sourcing strategy that draws up a target list of appropriate industries and companies from which to recruit and utilizes its network and database to create a list of the most promising candidates. Candidates are contacted and informed of the opportunity in order to elicit their interest in the position, and the firm evaluates candidates in order to determine a profile that matches the job, their career goals, and their suitability in the context andculture of the client organization.

Metasearch uses psychometric assessment tools suggested and recommended by its clients in addition to personal interviews. Before the offer is formally extended, the firm conducts detailed reference checks on candidates chosen for hire, negotiates the final candidate's compensation requirements, and follows up with the client and candidate to ensure a smooth transition within the organization.

“We view each assignment as unique and take a flexible approach to attracting and hiring the market's passive talent. We draw on previous search experience to deliver not only a list of candidates but also a discussion about market availability, comparative benchmarking, and the best solution for our clients”, says Vineetha Shanker, Director, Metasearch.

Metasearch’s proactive approach has allowed it to handle recruitment & search assignments with some of the world's leading employers

Metasearch connects organizations with the most qualified workers from around the world to serve their clients with the utmost dedication while keeping the entire practice ethical and providing quality work. Metasearch intends to take things slowly at first, and within the next two years, the firm plans to open a physical office in Southeast Asia, build a good number of clients, and become one of the most trusted partners for most organizations on their journey ahead.