mHealth: AI Powered, Holistic Wellness Platform For Corporates

Rajesh Munjal,CEO & Co-Founder

Rajesh Munjal

CEO & Co-Founder

Corporate wellbeing is a rising issue that has been a buzzword only in recent times, ever since the pandemic hit us with both barrels and targeted our physical and emotional health. The organizations thus started
looking up for solutions that would improve workforce productivity by ensuring a positive and healthy work atmosphere. Started in June 2020, mHealth is an AI Powered, Holistic Wellness Platform for Corporates for employees’ health and wellness.

Covid redefined the working norms for corporates, and the entire working ecosystem for the corporates shifted to Working From Home. The sudden crisis brought employee wellness under the telescope when most employees went through emotional breakdowns concerning mental health. Trapped among the four corners of a room and obliging with a nine to five schedule was not easy, and corporate health became fragile and fragmented. There were other physical implications too due to lack of proper exercise and a complying routine. Pre pandemic, these issues could be

resolved through health and wellness camps that supported a cause. "The corporates desperately needed constructive solutions to benefit their employees sitting at their homes. The health and wellness industry estimated a huge potential for growth and nurturing the thought, mHealth was born", says Rajesh Munjal, CEO& Co-Founder, mHealth.

The best thing about mHealth is that it allows engaging the employees through the programs wherein they can form communities with people with similar
health concerns or goals. For instance, there are communities for fitness activities like Zumba, yoga, etc.communities for improving health conditions like diabetes, communities where people engage to achieve a specific health goal, mental health, etc. "In a nutshell, the platform encompasses all that is related to employees' physical and mental well being", says Rajesh Munjal.

mHealth has an open architecture model that is perceived in a benefiting sense to the corporates as it allows them to participate and partner at their convenience

"Happiness via mHealth"
mHealth understands the entire gambit of corporate wellness, and through a hybrid model, it tends to cater to it all. For the industry in particular, mHealth expects a lot of growth in nearing times as the model is exclusive and engaging than the others in competition. Not only does the platform allows employees to engage in achieving their health goals, but it also takes care of their Diet consultations, mental and physical health activities, and checkups. The platform targets holistic wellness as a generalized health statement, thus supporting 'Happiness via mHealth'.

Monika Garg, Founding Team

"The biggest benefit of choosing the AI-powered platform at mHealth is personalization", says Rajesh Munjal. Each health program is curated towards a personalized approach rather than a generalized health program. This allows more engagement on the platform.

Liberty To Partner At Conveniencem
Health has an open architecture model that is perceived in a benefiting sense to the corporates as it allows them to participate and partner at their convenience. They can run their programs by partnering through mHealth or creating a team with a team lead. mHealth has some big names in the health partners list like Medanta, Max, Apollo and many more.

Balwinder Singh, Founding Team

The purpose led programs, the organization based wellness calendar, the liberty for organizations to create their cohort group is all that make mHealth a unique platform in the true sense. In the year and a half journey, mHealth has achieved much by catering to large insurance banks and fintech companies and created a user base of 50 thousand employees on the platform. The near future for mHealth lies in being the one stop solution for employee wellness targeting 10x growth in the following year.