MI Arcus: Manufacturing a Diverse Range of High Quality Baby Products

Gian Singh,   Founder & CEO

Gian Singh

Founder & CEO

Despite being the most populated country in the world, with over 67000 babies being born every day, India lacks ample baby brands focused on ensuring baby safety, health, and comfort. Although there are several companies manufacturing millions of baby products every day, only a select few (and not easily accessible) pay attention to manufacturing high-quality and comfortable products that do not seem run-of-the mill. The lack of suitable and satisfactory options for baby products including essentials such as bath essentials, bedding essentials, apparel, and more, led to the birth of Mi Arcus, a firm inspired by the level of safety and care implemented in North American and European countries across the spectrum of baby products.

Distinguishing Factors

A bootstrapped startup growing at a rapid pace, Mi Arcus is a brand founded to bridge the gap between the demand for superior quality and safe baby products and the supply of Made in India baby products that can be trusted blindly by consumers. Offering a wide range of products including baby apparel, shoes, baby bedding & bath essentials, soft toys, accessories, maternal essentials, and even baby furniture, the company is creating a one-stop solution that ticks all the customer demand boxes. If parents are looking at brands that are attentive to baby comfort, health, safety, and designs of products, Mi Arcus takes care of it all.
“At Mi Arcus, we understand that the happiness and comfort of your little one is your priority. Therefore, we present a wide range of Premium Baby & Mom products to support our consumers’ goals of providing the utmost care at all stages from pregnancy to the baby’s growth. Our company envisions a world where parenthood is filled with joyful and simple moments. We are creating a legacy of love, happiness, and lifelong memories. Our mission is to continue Jawandsons Group’s 40- year legacy by providing complete nursery solutions and functional products. We are driven by care, empathy, and a relentless focus on customer comfort”, shares Gian Singh, Founder & CEO, Mi Arcus.

Mi Arcus’ baby-centric values have benefitted the company greatly, leading it to develop a loyal consumer base

As a young brand, it has strategically expanded its presence over online platforms as well as physical locations. The brand is among the top-performing ones on leading platforms such as FIRSTCRY and Amazon across diverse product categories. With a lot of its products ranking among the Amazon Bestsellers, Mi Arcus has established its position as a preferred baby products brand in the country. Mi Arcus’ baby-centric values have benefitted the company greatly, leading it to develop a loyal consumer base with over 35 percent repeat customers every month.

Future Growth Aspirations

Backed by a huge manufacturing strength along with a 100+ approved vendor network, Mi Arcus has come a long way in a short span. The brand has successfully grown its physical footprint by opening 40 stores across key cities including Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Srinagar, Mussoorie, Shimla, Jaipur, Indore, and Ahmedabad. Committed to making eco-friendly products that parents can shop for stress-free, Mi Arcus has big ambitions for its future expansion.

The company has set its sights on increasing its annual sales from Rs.40 Rs.300 Cr. in the next five years. To achieve this, the team is gearing up to invest more than Rs.50 Cr. over this duration for brand development - targeting diverse verticals from marketing to business automation, licensed collaborations, and more. Having already partnered with the iconic Peanuts Worldwide organization, the firm will focus on adding more valuable collaborations. Furthermore, the company will expand its omnichannel presence, converting its offline presence to 40-300 stores across India.