Microbi Agrotech: Promoting Sustainable Organic Farming through Bio Fertilizers & Organic Manure

 Dr. K. R. Hullunache Gowda,    Founder & CEOAgriculture is the back bone of India's economy as it employs approximately half of India's workforce contribution and accounting for about 18.3 percent of India's GDP in 2020. The primary factor for this rapid growth in recent years is that people are becoming more health-conscious and are opting to eat healthy food.

The demand for healthy food and increasing awareness about the need for chemical free produce are the two major factors driving the growth of Organic Farming in the crop protection sector. Established in 2012, Microbi Agrotech uses ancient technology to provide Bio-Fertilizers and Organic Manure. The advent of technology in the food industry is also a significant factor that has spurred startups' to enter the Agri sector.

Farmers' primary concern are diseases and nutrient deficiency that leads to crop loss, and their lack of knowledge that only by using pesticides, fungicides and chemicals crop loss can be prevented. Farmers not only require an affordable range of products that are easy to use and gives the best results in terms of yield and returns but also need proper training on the various aspects of farming and the methods to identify the exact problem. Microbi Agrotech has successfully proven that by adopting the right Organic Farming practices not only production, quality and yield of crops can be increased but also the cost of agriculture can be significantly reduced.
The company, which initially started as a two-person partnership firm, has now become a company with over 150+ outlets and three regional offices in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Maharashtra and is consistently expanding on a daily basis. On average, about 1000 farmers are added to their list monthly. “There are hundreds of success stories that are available on social media regarding the quality of the product and the way it has worked magic for farmers says, Thejesh Bychappa, Co-Founder & Director, Microbi Agrotech.

Microbi Agrotech products under the brand "Dr. Soil" are completely eco-friendly and manufactured using only naturally available materials based on ancient indigenous technology. Dr. Soil is the first innovative product that not only helps to improve the Organic content and get back more than 300 different types of helpful microorganisms to the land naturally but also automatically increases the plants immune system and helps the plant fight minor outside attacks.

"Apart from its wide range of ecofriendly products, the company also has a teaching program called 'School in your Farm', through which the farmers are not only taught the importance of organic farming but also busts the myth that organic farming is an expensive and time consuming process resulting in fewer yields", shares Thejesh.

Our vision is to stop the usage of chemical fertilizers and adapt organic farming, and make this world a healthier place

Rejuvenating the Soil Health
Microbi Agrotech has been actively working since 2012 and has impacted lakhs of farmers across the country producing quality organic yields in almost all types of crops. Subject Matter Experts have trained and guided farmers on organic farming, certification, and market linkage from the ground level. With the growth in agritech, the company has launched its app "DHATU", for the farming community to help them reduce production costs on the one hand and increase their profits on the other hand.

The company has contributed to Tree Mulberry Cultivation, Wider Space in Sugarcane and Group Banana System and has won awards like Progressive Farmer, Krushi Ratna, Mother Thresa National Award, Walking Agri Encyclopedia, and many more.

Microbi Agrotech, with its presence in five south Indian states, is on a mission to not only supply its products to the entire country in the coming year but also supply its products and services to the international market to at least 50 countries within the next five years.