Milereach Logistics: A Leader in Last Mile Intra-CityDelivery Service

Ranjith R,Founder
Team MRL

In this fast-pacing world, people often face the hassle of doing too many things in a little time especially, when it comes to the daily chores such as grocery shopping, laundry, buying medicines, and other similar tasks. With the rise in eCommerce, the consumer’s preferences have gradually shifted towards getting everything right at their doorsteps, that is, on-demand services. In fact, the ubiquitous use of mobile phones and technologies has added more to it. But one thing that has always remained as a constraint in the supply chain is the moving of the packages around the corners of a city in a single day. Though the last mile delivery service is often known to be the final leg, it at the same time is considered to be the Holy Grail in the logistics sector.

Ranjith and his friends were sales and marketing professionals was quick to trigger this while working at a delivery service company. During their last stints, they were responsible for looking after the sales part and thereby they realized the issues faced by a company when it comes to meeting the end delivery needs in a
shortened turnaround time. This caught their attention which further led them to establish their own venture. That's how the idea of Milereach Logistics(MRL)was born.

"Led by a team of seven in-house managers and 25+ delivery guys, MRL strives to be South India’s leading provider of logistics solutions"

“After a thorough discussion with some of my friends who also had undergone a similar set of experiences, we decided to cumulate our expertise and start a company that stands unique in terms of meeting the unmet needs of same day-delivery,” says Ranjith.

Incepted in the year 2016, MRL visions to solve the complex problems pertaining in the logistic sector. Touted to be an end-to-end logistics services provider for online and offline enterprises, the company operational capabilities are designed to meet the needs of any business. Catered to service in two areas viz.– Pharmaceutical and Grocery segment, MRL today has been a household name for intracity delivery in Chennai.

The key offerings of MRL predominantly consist of the First mile, Last mile, and Reverse Logistics. Additionally, it offers Cold Storage, Real-Time Tracking, Integration Capabilities, Return Orders, Cash-on-Delivery and Customer Support. Overcoming the challenges of retaining manpower and meeting the on-time delivery requirements, the company since inception has been
able to serve the motto of making shipments on the same day. Ranjith asserts,"With our strong delivery network across Chennai, we cover the entire city through our bikers and mini trucks and aim to make last-mile delivery more efficient." Some of the major clients of MRL comprises of nedmeds, Tabs & Syrups, Madras Delicacy and more.

Bringing the on-demand delivery model.
MRL has successfully leveraged security and latest technological applications for better results. With its inbuilt software, it generates barcode and further allows the client to integrate their software with its APIs to track the data application. Currently, MRL is trying to develop a business oriented tech model by integrating hyper-local and last-mile delivery and facilitate the product reach in a much lesser time.

“We are working aggressively to bring on- demand(eg.Uber or Ola)in the delivery spectrum which we believe will be a break through in logistics,” he says.

Led by a team of seven in-house managers and 25+ delivery guys,MRL strives to be South India's leading provider of logistics solutions. To achieve this, the team at MRL is proactively and constantly looking for new possibilities. The company plans to expand intercities and continue to strengthen its position as a regional market leader in transport and logistics solutions.