MilkLane: Reinventing the Dairy Supply Chain in India to Promote Highest-Quality Milk Consumption

Despite being one of the largest milk-producing nations in the world, India has had challenges with domestic commercialization of dairy and dairy products, which has subsequently interfered with safety, quality, and superiority. Flourishing exponentially in the past decade, the dairy industry in India is witnessing an unprecedented boom in consumer demand as well as variation in preferences.

Owing to the rising mandates of the urban society, who prefer assured safety, consistent quality, and sustainably produced goods along with fair trade and welfare of the farmers, safe and healthy dairy products are now conveniently available year-round at competitive prices. Realizing this shift in consumer preference and recognizing the need for a modern and tech-enabled dairy set-up, MilkLane was established in 2016 with a vision to integrate the value chain from production to delivery, with the objective of delivering high-quality, international-standard, safe and healthy milk and milk-based products to consumers at scale.

Ensuring a Premium Quality Dairy Market
A business incubated by the Pioneering Ventures group, MilkLane is a modern dairy start-up based in Bengaluru, which is focused on reinventing the dairy supply chain in India to bring the highest-quality milk in the market that is safe from toxins and antibiotics. "As consumer awareness grows, we see rising demand for safe, high-quality, innovative and sustainably produced dairy products across urban India. As the trend is gradually transcending to semi-urban and rural India too, we couldn't help but notice that there are only a handful of regional and hyperlocal players who are catering to this demand but haven't been able to scale up quickly.

We saw a clear opportunity here to take an integrated approach to dairy production ­ from rearing and feeding the cattle to collecting and processing only the highest quality milk. We realized that we could integrate new technology, bring in the Swiss expertise in high-quality milk production and set up a business that can scale up easily. We believe we were the first to formally claim toxin and antibiotic safe milk. We supported this claim by independent testing of every batch of milk for multiple quality parameters and publishing the same on our website for consumers," says Gaurav Haran, CEO & Director, MilkLane.

Enriching the Community of Dairy Farmers
MilkLane aims to be a leader in the Indian dairy market with a focus on creating innovative, healthy, and nutritious products for families while improving the lives of farmers and animals. The company supports the sustainable development of its community of dairy farmers and rural
entrepreneurs through interventions in training and education, the supply of high-quality feed and fodder, breed improvement, farm development and animal health management. "Aayush, ourbrand of quality cattle feed that improves milk quality is now available to all farmers. We help them expand their production, integrate technology and engage with us through our network of bulk chilling centers. In the B2C space, we have MilkLane-branded UHT milk available in and around Bengaluru. Apart from that, we ensure full traceability of milk to the farmer via technology that provides 24X7 visibility into the complete operations," quotes Gaurav Haran.

Gaurav Haran,CEO & Director

MilkLane has established Bulk Milk Chillers (BMC)-based milk sourcing network at the village level to ensure direct sourcing from dairy farmers in Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh. The most important advantage for dairy farmers associated with Milklane is a fair, transparent, tamper-proof milk measurement and pricing system at every BMC level. MilkLane regularly disburses timely payments directly into the farmers' bank accounts, building trust and longevity in association with the farmers. The other key advantage of the company is encouraging farmers to become dairy entrepreneurs by supporting them to scale up their operations and maximize yield by enabling growth in herd size, mechanization, optimizing the cost of production as well as honing their skills in dairy farming, disease control, balanced nutrition, breeding cycle management and so on.

Milklane has established bulk milk chillers (BMC)- based milk sourcing network at the village level to ensure direct sourcing from dairy farmers in Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh

Journey till Now and Ahead
MilkLanehas recently forayed into the B2C segment with consumable product brand Nutrinos® after 18 months of rigorous R&D driven by international experts to cater to daily nutritional requirements for the growth and development of children. Growing strong with 100+ people, the team of MilkLane team has a blend of experienced and young professionals from across the dairy, food manufacturing, FMCG and technology industry. Achieving the milestone of procuring 100,000 liters per day of high-quality milk in a year, MilkLane has successfully built a unique collection and distribution model that provides full traceability, transparency and intensive support services to farmers, integrating the use of technology at every step.

"We will bolster our USP of being the tech-integrated, modern dairy start-up in India. Our focus next year is on strengthening our B2C business across India, largely through Nutrinos® brand. We aim to make the product available in all major Indian cities by end of 2021. We will keep scaling up B2B and cattle feed business going forward ­ we are doing well in South and West regions and we plan to make our presence felt in North and East in the coming years," concludes Gaurav Haran.