Minance: Changing The Way Wealth Is Managed In India

Anurag Bhatia, FounderThe investment landscape in India is haphazard, fragmented, and split between the haves and the have nots. Bangalore-based Minance has stepped forward to solve the chaotic investment landscape of the country by making three fundamental changes. The company is vesting its focus on making investing more accessible, making the process more transparent and finally working towards centralization. The products and services it offers goes beyond the conventional methods of investing and focuses more on the more complex features of the market. “We are working on stabilizing that industry and identifying new and profitable ventures for companies that are coming up and have a bright future. We want to invest in possibilities and make opportunities out of those. We aim to bring all your financial needs under one platform. We have taken the first step with investments & taxation, next stop is insurance and credit,” says Anurag Bhatia, Founder.

The products offered by Minance are varied in nature. The company taps into the unlisted/ private equity market and carries out quality research on companies that are revolutionaries in their fields. The team at Minance is focused on research and they make a point to delve into specifics before pitching an investment to their clients. “Assets Pay Cash (APC) is another investment strategy risk-averse in nature with an aim to have you generate significant alpha above your mutual funds. The idea is to collateralize your mutual funds, gain margin and then trade in conservative option positions. With all this, our team of Investment managers and Traders work
towards being up to date with the market nuances to make informed decisions for our clients,” he informs.

Standing out in the Crowd
Amidst all the competition, what makes Minance stay ahead is their belief of simply establishing a personal relationship with the people who invest with them. “It’s simple we grow as they grow. When we ideate in Minance, we think big and we think beyond. We are constantly following up on relevant Global and Indian news to see if any wide economic impact could change the way we carry out our business. The biggest testament would be our product Assets Pay Cash (APC) where we discovered opportunities in the future and options markets to make money. All this is what embodies the way we strategize,” he mentions.

Over the years, the company has built a family of clients who have restored their faith in Minance. The team of Investment managers believes in being candid with the clients and having them involved in their investments and giving them the transparency they deserve. “We constantly work towards getting better at that,” he adds.

Minance is backed by a young and agile team who are open to opportunities and willing to learn

A High performing Team
Minance is backed by a young and agile team who are open to opportunities and willing to learn. They deal with their clients the way they would like to be dealt with. Anurag narrates,

“Finance,at the end of the day is also an empathetic business and if you do not speak to your clients the way you would like to be spoken to, the concept of client service is lost. Our team believes in being honest with our clients.”

Moving forward the team is aiming to bring Minance to a level where it serves the elite Indian crowd. The idea is to target the rich customers and help them manage their wealth. “All steps we will employ in 2020 will be to chart that out. It takes, and sometimes decades, for a company to define its brand and identify its vision. We're getting there. We are working tirelessly to establish a Brand Equity for Minance,” he adds.

Traditional methods of investing have existed for centuries and the team is looking for avenues that could help them bounce from these methods to avant garde ones. “It's common to worry when it comes to Futures or Options as products because they are quite complex in nature. But that's where the trick is the want to figure that out. That defines us,” he concludes.

Anurag Bhatia, Founder
Offerings: Assets Pay Cash, Bloom, Private Assets, Mutual Funds
Offices: Bangalore