Mind Body Resolve: Feel Resolved Within Self

Laksh Chhajer,FounderWith more people talking about mental health and the disastrous impact on self, family, and society, there has been an increase in the number of people reaching out. Mind Body Resolve provides a personalized holistic mental well being solution to its customers. It measures the stress on different parameters and then offers a three fold lifestyle solution to reduce stress Psychological Wellness, Nutritional Guidance & Physical Fitness.

There can be multiple reasons for an emotional outburst, stress, or depression. The majority may come from work life balance health, relationship issues, postpartum, perception of self or a tragic encounter.

The process entails a psychologist working upon the results of the stress screening tool and holding a session to understand the cause of stress and the problem bothering the client. Then accordingly, the program will be customized especially for the candidate that will entail mental wellness exercises, nutritional recommendations and fitness regimes that will best work for them.

Technology Makes It Easier To Take The First Step
The mental health industry has evolved drastically, particularly during the pandemic. It became more fast track with the AI and SaaS platforms that ventured into the space. Technology had a significant role to play in destigmatizing therapy. The app based services have opened channels for
communication across all genders and ages. It has become easier to take the first step and ‘TALK.’

In India, the pandemic was the fundamental step towards the importance of mental health and guidance. Being Locked up among the four walls gave people much time to explore their inner peace. The industry is bound to grow severely as more and more people open up about these issues. Mind Body Resolve wants to crash the stigma around mental health and bring about a holistic change into the lifestyle of the masses.

Mind Body Resolve wants to create an affordable Holistic Mental Wellbeing Culture

Where The Journey Began
Mind Body Resolve evolved from an Instagram community called “One Day At A Time.” The community was a place where people would feel safe and talk about mental health, the consequences, the struggles, and how they fought back. The goal for Mind Body Resolve is to help people who struggle with mental health and are hesitant to reach out due to any stigma, isolation, or other reasons. When the pandemic hit, the company began its research talking to more people and mental health experts. It then came up with a hybrid model that doesn’t just speak about therapy but holistic wellbeing through correct nutritional guidance and physical fitness.

Personalized Solutions For Customers
Mind Body Resolve provides fully customized solutions to its customers. The stress tool undertakes the analysis of every parameter. The pricing is kept minimal so that young adults can easily reach out. The Plans start from INR 499 and end at INR 799. They also provide trial weeks for customers to try out the solution by creating an affordable mental health assistance ecosphere. The pricing of the programs is done to foster a culture of talking about mental health and seeking help without money becoming a factor.

The team of experienced psychologists, nutritionists and fitness consultants engage in weekly follow ups to measure the effectiveness of the holistic mental wellbeing program with the results. Mind Body Resolve establishes a relationship between food, fitness, and mental health.

Mind Body Resolve has obtained diverse clientele, a lot of traction, and growth in its three month journey. It has tied up with corporates and firms in Bangalore. It wants to expand by leveraging the best technology and creating more personalized programs for its customers.