Mindfully Sorted: Working Towards Creating An Impact On Mental & Behavioural Health

Sarmistha Mazumder, FounderUnlike in the past, mental health has gained much relevance in the current times. According to data published by WHO, India is losing $1Trillion every year due to mental health problems, 45% of working adults need support, or even 1 in 5 people in India have mental health problems. The pandemic is a tough time for the entire world and has triggered more emotional problems than we knew existed. Suppressed and neglected mental health issues snowballed during this COVID -19 crisis. Established in 2020 in Bangalore, Mindfully Sorted focuses on behavioral health and preventive mental health care. Founder Sarmistha Mazumder believes that in the uber busy and stressful life we lead, we all need some extra nourishment for emotional and socio psychological well being to be a better version of ‘self.’Mridu Das, Cofounder acts as a strategic partner.

Customized Programs For Individuals and Corporates
Mindfully Sorted works with trusted and qualified mind experts to design interventions, which helps people be more aware of their inner self, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and start making changes to reach their true potential.

According to data published in 2019, 42.5% of employees in the private sector of corporate India suffer from depression or some form of anxiety disorder. While these numbers are alarming, the number of people who seek help is abysmal. Mindfully Sorted

aims to bring the ecosystem together to ‘nudge’ people to take charge of their behavioral health before it is too late.

Mindfully Sorted offers one on one counselling, customized corporate programs, women’s retreats, online courses to help the clients in various forms. At Mindfully Sorted, the goal is always to create a safe and non judgmental place for people to be wholly themselves. It believes in a holistic approach towards expressive art and mindfulness practices.

Mindfully Sorted is incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore, Women's Startup Program. Mindfully Sorted is backed by a carefully assembled panel of experts from Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors, Mindfulness Practitioners, and Yoga Experts. With over 5000+ people participating in their various programs throughout the year, the company has seen rewarding progress since its inception. Their clients oscillate between large corporations and growing start ups. Mindfully Sorted boasts of more than 1000 hours of counseling services through its various organic channels in last few months.

“Mindfully Sorted wants to be the ‘catalyst’ to drive more working adults and women to invest in their behavioral health to reach their true potential

“Our key strength is helping our clients find their right match from our qualified and experienced set of mind experts. We try to understand their background, cultural nuances, challenges and assign them expert who can connect to them. I can proudly say 99.5% of our clients find their right match in first go and are with us long term. We do not sell any packages or discounts, we always suggest to have a ‘go-to’ therapist, whom you can share and sort life without any fear of judgement.” says Sarmistha.

Being a bootstrap startup, the revenue has grown generously at the rate of 25% every quarter. Mindfully Sorted provides individual clients from India, UAE, and the US.

To Associate & Impact
India has a crisis of qualified mental health experts.Mindfully Sorted wants to be part of solution to leverage the experienced mind experts, specially in Tier 2/3 cities with its tech based solutions, market research, communication and program curations to connect with every Indian across the globe to find better ways to sort life and optimise their potential.

Mindfully wants to be the ‘catalyst’ to drive more working adults and women to invest in their behavioral health towards a fulfilling life. It endeavors to weave in solutions with the Indian Socio cultural nuances for Indians across the globe.