Mindynamics: Future-oriented Online Learning Platform

Saakshi Choithani,FounderMindynamics is a key player in the Edtech sector that was established with the vision of bringing about a shift in the way people look at education. Mindynamics believes traditional methods of education must alter in order to provide a holistic learning approach to future generations. Mindynamics is a sole proprietary firm registered under the ownership of Saakshi Choithani. She is the founder and the driving force for the organization who believes learning is a continuous journey. "I attribute my success to my mentors, particularly Rajiv Talreja, who has served as a support system and guide in my efforts to establish myself as a business coach. Not to forget Surendran J(Founder Success Gyan), Siddhrarth Rajsekhar, Puja Puneet, and Avi Arya for being incredible mentors in this journey. My spouse and family has always been a support system to help me stand strong while I am running my business solo", signifies Saakshi Choithani

Mindynamics is a growth oriented firm that is pursuing the use of Artificial Intelligence in the E-learning market. Mindynamics helps organizations and corporates create customised learning platforms that can engage their employees/students and help them grow as well. "Our mission is to help our clients grow their brand value as well as create a revenue stream for them through e-learning methods," signifies Saakshi Choithani. For the development of Online Learning Platforms, Mindynamics goes

through a discussion process where it analyses their audience base, location and creates their customer profile and company profile before it suggests a design to them.

The firm has focused on hosting online Live Events on a variety of topics ranging from starting a business to developing a money mindset, as well as covering technical topics such as cyber security. Since it began with online training collaborations with several brands, the organization has covered a wide range of topics. There have been courses on how to utilize LinkedIn to build one's profile, professional learning for students, brain training for people a From Mess to Manifest course for women, and the list continues to grow. Recently, the firm has also launched its E-Learning Academy by the name
Mindynamics Virtual Learning Academy. It is set to have more than 50 Power Courses by the end of the year to cater to individual learning for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Saakshi Choithani emphasizes "Running the venture successfully for the past 2.5 years and being a Coach myself, I have started mentoring small business owners, including a large number of Solo-Entrepreneurs, to help them establish a sustainable business model in a simple manner. Alongside, I'm consulting some national and global brands to build a Digital Business Ecosystem for their companies that helps them accelerate their business growth and bring new streams of revenue generation in their current business set up. Sharing all these experiences and knowledge in my upcoming book Solopreneurship Decoded scheduled for Launch in March 2022."

Since its inception, Mindynamics has seen growth not only in terms of numbers and reach but also in terms of geographical expansion. The firm started with Free WEBINARS in April 2020 as a core learning organization and has since impacted folks from five different countries. Along with its proficiency in assisting organizations and corporations in creating learning platforms, its core product has been its elite customer base, with brands like Asian Institute of Quality Management and some other national brands as well. Mindynamics has been a brand that caters to small ticket clients as well as elite consumers, offering them the best value for money for the services and goods it provides. And, as it forges ahead, Mindynamics hopes to create tailored learning experiences with specific goals and anticipated improvement by 2025. "We will concentrate on microlearning tactics that will not only assist the learner in strategizing the next step but will also result in accelerated growth. We intend to put these strategies into action through our Learning Made Simple program. Stay connected and start a one-of-a-kind learning journey with us, not only for today but also for the future" concludes Saakshi Choithani.