Minus One Lifestyle: One-Point Stop for High Quality Men's Fashion

 Anurag Mohota,   FounderThe Indian fashion industry has been rapidly expanding and gaining international acclaim for its innovative designs, wide range of styles, and commitment to sustainability. Given the increasing recognition of environmental and social concerns, sustainability has emerged as a prominent trend in the fashion industry. While Indian fashion brands are embracing sustainable and socially responsible practices, men’s discomfort is common problem which is never addressed and discussed. Set up on the core values of leaving a customer satisfied and smiling, Minus One Lifestyle, a prominent name in the fashion industry, dedicated to delivering the utmost comfort and stylish design in men's bottom wear. Being a subsidiary of Gimatex Industries, the firm has thrived as an eco-friendly brand since 125 years.

“Our mission is to transform a men’s wardrobe with sustainable fashion and comfort clothing. We follow European minimalism as our design language so your apparel is versatile, comfortable, and long lasting. Our core values will always be focused on the sustainable fashion which solves a genuine problem in the apparel industry. We make sure to use high grade fabrics with dyes which lasts 4x longer than regular so your pair of bottom lasts longer”, highlights Anurag Mohota, Founder.

Customers in the fashion segment confront various issues which include comfort, size adjustment, fashion with sustainability and
daily chores of man with utmost comfort, and more. “We are a wardrobe essential brand in the men’s bottom wear category. We Provide a solution to the discomfort faced in bottom wear by men in their hectic day-today lives. Our in-house developed Auto-fit Technology enables the pants to adjust up to three sizes. Our collection currently focuses on all life aspects of a Man, be it work, leisure, travel, or adventure. Our products are capable enough to provide you with style, practicality, and great comfort for life”, says Anurag.

Minus One Lifestyle does not believe in extensive launches of collections and every product is a collection. It crafts products which genuinely help you achieve big in life. “Our collection includes a variety of options to suit different occasions. Whether you are heading to work, attending meetings or going to a party, our day-long Chinos are a great choice. For those who love adventure and leisure, our Pro Cargo pants are designed to meet your needs. If you're planning a beach trip, travel or exploration, our Pro Cargo shorts and day-long shorts are perfect for you. Conquer any terrain with ease in these versatile detachable cargos. When creating Minus One for individuals, we ensure that it is both practical and stylish”, speaks Anurag.

Minus One Lifestyle’s mission is to transform a men’s wardrobe with sustainable fashion & comfort clothing

The company has a team of individuals who are experienced and have expertise in this segment. Minus One Lifestyle’s deep understanding of the supply chain drives its innovation, allowing it to revolutionize fashion by creating practical, purpose-driven products that cater to the needs of modern lifestyles. The company is deeply committed to its core values, which centre around sustainable fashion and addressing a real issue in the apparel industry.

Future Roadmap

The company has experienced consistent growth in both customer base and revenue since its establishment. The goal is to become the top choice for men looking to purchase a pair of trousers. Minus One Lifestyle believes that its success cannot be measured solely by numbers or market capitalization. Instead, it strives to achieve a target of 100 crores by the end of FY2030. "We, as Minus One, consider ourselves unique. Currently, what we offer is not available from anyone else in the market. We are new and distinct, and we intend to maintain our unique position in the market. We have big plans, and soon you'll see the impact!", signs off Anurag.