Miru Sports: Orchestrating A Comprehensive Range Of Sports Products Of The Finest Quality

Pradeep Chandru, FounderThe sports industry is growing to be the biggest in the world as more and more people are increasingly taking up sports and recreational activities in lieu of growing health awareness and stress management. As a result, the sports goods industry of India, which is nearly a century old, holds a prominent position in the global market. Consumers are progressively spending more on sportswear, with a large share of the expense consisting of athletic clothing and accessories. Sporting equipment can be found in any department store, online store, or specialized sporting equipment shop, but it is difficult to find authentic products, and this is where Miru Sports steps in.

Founded on November 14th, 2018 by Pradeep Chandru and Lakshmi MP, Miru Sports is the best stop for all sports enthusiasts searching for all legitimate sports goods with satisfying quality. It all began with Pradeep Chandru's interest in the game of cricket, which sparked the idea of opening a multi-braided sports store that offers only genuine goods to sports enthusiasts. Miru Sports has a wide range of products to meet the needs of every sportsperson; the firm takes great interest in gathering them from various manufacturers and has created a centralized environment for its customers. The firm is a combination of an e-commerce platform and retail outlets for sports goods, driven by the objective to
create a portal that can bridge the gap between a consumer and a genuine manufacturer. The firm is a one stop shop for all sports needs, and it built this platform using only genuine products.

To handle its retail outlets and inventory, Miru Sports has indigenously built an e-commerce platform and a web based solution inhouse. The firm has developed this as a comprehensive solution that connects every possible dot, ensuring that the end user has a smooth and secure purchase experience. Miru Sports has also optimized the gaps between various functions while implementing this solution, which will help the end user save time and money. By connecting the e-commerce platform to a network of retail outlets, the end user will have physical access to the goods, which will be an additional benefit.

Miru Sports goal is to create a portal that can bridge the gap between a consumer & a genuine manufacturer

“We used to buy sports equipment for our sports team locally, where we ended up with counterfeit items. We established Miru Sports to provide authentic sports products to users after having an unpleasant experience with duplicate products that piqued our interest even though we were buying branded goods and the end users were getting duplicate products”, explains Pradeep Chandru.

Maintaining inventory is the most difficult challenge for any retailer; the firm struggled a lot at first to adjust the stock and burned its fingers over stocking during COVID time. Miru Sports began leveraging its team's software expertise and developed a dashboard to view all stock details and warehouse source control software. Today, the firm uses pattern learning to comprehend season trends and consumer patterns across regions. The software will assist in generating buy orders for in demand stocks and products that should be avoided because they move slowly. It has greatly aided the firm in reducing dead stock and having enough stock for customers.

Miru Sports goal is to become one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms, solely for sports goods, as well as a global retail chain. Miru Sports is gradually growing retail stores throughout Tamil Nadu. The company's long-term aim is to provide quality sports products to every sports enthusiast around the world.