Misrii Home Foods: Pure, Fresh & Delicious Home made Food Delivered Online

Atul Jain,CEOAfter the age of 35-40, a majority of population in urban India craves for simple home-made regional recipes which one has eaten while growing up and are now fed up eating spicy & unhealthy restaurant food. This food habit built in to the DNA of majority of Indians, will always reign supreme in Indian households. And this belief led to the conceptualization of Misrii. Misrii, a dynamic social enterprise aims to empower talented home makers with self-employment opportunities from their kitchens and showcase their tasty, authentic homemade recipes. Misrii allows foodies to order pure, fresh and delicious home cooked dishes, through its apps & website. There is also an 24X7 helpline for senior citizens, where they can simply book weekly/monthly healthy meal packages.

As a perfect platform for housewives to showcase their culinary skills and become financially independent, Misrii has seen an extremely encouraging response from its users. In fact, the platform has even witnessed involvement of home makers in the age group of 40-55 who have stepped in to use this opportunity of realising their dreams of societal recognition & economic independence. Misrii encourages them to operate in friendly working ecosystem with the team providing them
continuous skill upgradation & finishing support in culinary skills. They now for the first-time experience user recognition as Misrii showcases them as Home chefs on their APPS & websites, where food aficionados can place them their food choices & preferences.

Misrii encourages users to be a part of the community that empowers citizens also connecting young generation to the flavours of homemade food and providing them with healthy everyday meal options

Explaining more about Misrii, Atul Jain, Co-Founder & CEO, speaks, “We also provide free onsite training & skill upgradation programmes to aspiring house wives whom we address as Home Chefs. We provide work flexibility through our cloud kitchens and have dedicated relationship managers to take care of their routine operational issues & timely payments of their earnings to their bank accounts. Our target audiences are from all age groups including health-conscious corporate & governmental groups, families & working couples, senior citizens, and others.

Experience Misrii!
It is encouraging to be a part of the community that empowers citizens & endeavours to re-connect young & old, to the flavours of tasty homemade recipes and providing them with healthy everyday meal options, Misrii's niche offerings cater to the need of eating pure, fresh & healthy daily meals cooked in cold-pressed oils, cow ghee& traditional raw spices. AS the orders are prepared fresh, Misrii
encourages customers to place orders at designated times so that the home chefs get a minimum of 1-2 hours of cooking time to deliver fresh meals. Most of the food delivered to our homes /offices by food aggregators, are mostly prepared with precooked items in restaurants. But at Misrii, as a standard operating procedure, everything including gravies are prepared fresh,” asserts Atul.

Not only this, Misrii also offers a unique helpline for its senior citizens to be able to place their order, as many of them experience difficulty in placing online orders.To address this difficulty,we started Misrii Initiative where we encourage Volunteers who after registering on our website can work towards empowering our seniors & teach them how to use smart phones, order through e-commerce mediums & become self-reliant,” he adds.

Misrii catalyses these energies & links them to seniors in their vicinity who need this assistance. Users can create weekly & monthly meal packages and enjoy different home-made recipes of their choices every day. A unique My taste box allows them to customise their meal preferences like less spicy, no sugar etc. Users can use the Gift a meal option to gift meals to friends, neighbours & even the less privileged.

Needless to say, Misrii works to provide healthy meal options available daily for all four meals including Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-tea & Dinner. “We have stuck to keeping strict quality controls, keep innovative regional recipe offerings when it comes to ordering meals. All customer grievances are addressed & resolved to one’s satisfaction as per laid out SOP’s,” mentions Atul.