Modern Crew: Redefining Inner-wear Industry with Innovation & Unparalleled Quality

 Shivesh Verma & Saurabh Bisht,   Co-FoundersA midst a growing demand for sophisticated products across various sectors for men's grooming, beauty, and fashion, the inner-wear category has notably lagged in innovation. Recognizing the need to revolutionize inner-wear from a staple to a fashion statement, Modern Crew perceives inner-wear as deserving the same spotlight as outerwear. Founded in 2020, a time witnessing the rise of direct-to-consumer (D2C) and internet-based brands in India, Modern Crew specifically caters to discerning working professionals in tier-one and tier-two cities, offering discerning consumers’ Indian-made products of unparalleled international quality.

"Noticing a lack of innovation in the men's inner-wear category dominated by a handful of traditional brands, my colleague Saurabh Bisht and I, college friends who pursued our MBA together, recognized a market gap. The industry persisted with outdated patterns and designs, failing to evolve with changing consumer preferences and interaction dynamics between companies and their clientele. Our motivation stemmed from a dearth of innovative, high-quality products, prompting us to embark on our entrepreneurial journey with Modern Crew", says Shivesh Verma, Co-Founder.

Introducing Luxurious Fabrics
Modern Crew specializes in premium men's inner-wear, loungewear, and winterwear, offering a range that includes men briefs, trunks, vests, lounge pants, boxers, thermal wear, sweatshirts and more. The products stand out due to their luxurious quality, crafted from distinct fabric compositions not commonly found in India. Despite the high quality, the brand maintains affordability, making the items accessible to a wide
audience. The brand takes pride in introducing luxurious fabrics featuring a 90 percent micro modal and 10 percent spandex composition, a pioneering launch in the industry. Additionally, vests showcase a blend of bamboo, cotton, and spandex, offering a premium, lightweight, and durable feel. Even the lounge pants embody luxury through a combination of bamboo and elastane, delivering a sophisticated touch and premium aesthetics. Modern Crew's commitment to excellence extends beyond fabric, encompassing superior stitch quality and thoughtful design.

"Modern Crew's innovative features include a smooth, shiny, and soft waistband for optimal comfort, a functional front fly providing added convenience appreciated by our customers, and Stay Put legs that prevent bunching and riding up inside pants. These innovations significantly improve our core product offerings, solving key consumer concerns in the market”, elaborated Saurabh Bisht, Co-Founder.

Despite the high quality, the brand maintains affordability, making the items accessible to a wide audience

Moreover, the brand employs siro-spun yarns to significantly bolster fabric durability, strength, shine, and softness, ensuring a prolonged lifespan without compromising their inherent qualities. Additionally, the brand utilizes techniques like silicone fabric wash and fabric softeners to enhance the tactile experience of the fabrics. "Notably, prioritizing customer hygiene, all products undergo treatment with silver ion technology, renowned for its superior antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, setting an industry standard for hygiene and protection. The integration of technologies such as anti-microbial silver solutions further emphasizes the brand's commitment to elevating the quality and hygiene-specific attributes of the products. Rigorous fabric and garment testing for pilling, color fastness, seam strength, and more, are also conducted to maintain the fabric's quality standards", shares Saurabh.

Modern Crew's future focus lies in expanding its inner-wear offerings to provide consumers with diverse range of choices. The brand is committed to continuous innovation in both product development and fabric creation, aiming to achieve a market presence worth 300–400 crores in the coming years. "Beyond financial and product expansion objectives, our core mission is to be recognized as a brand that prioritizes well being of our stakeholders' and creating a positive impact on world, we live in. This entails a commitment to sustainable practices in fabric selection and manufacturing processes, emphasizing eco-friendly and sustainable dyes. Likewise, we collaborate with factories that adhere to ethical standards, ensuring no child labor and fair wages for workers. Our brand ethos encompasses not just financial success but also a commitment to environmental sustainability and the welfare of the people associated with us", concluded Saurabh Bisht.