Modestreet: Fashion. Networking. Shopping

Abhitosh Yadav & Rohit Chhabra,Co-FoundersAbhitosh Yadav and Rohit Chhabra, the ex-NITians who met during their college days knew a very little about the fate and passion that brought them together to chase a dream. During their career span, they have worked across many leading names ranging from marketing to hospitality. But what actually caught their attention was the amplifying eCommerce space. As the competition seemed to blur the lines between the digital and in-store experiences, it also opened up exciting new possibilities for forward-thinking brains. Thus, moving ahead to capture the global market, the duo formulated their first idea –an augmented fashion network for multichannel fashion retail, which can significantly enhance the way on how shopping for fashion is done.

As the everlasting connectivity, contextual relevance and a multi-screen world have added value to the online mechanism, still buying clothes is found as a daunting experience for many. Thus, looking at the largest prospects and identifying that technology, integration, innovation, and personalization will be at the forefront, both through years of validation and consolidation of the concept, rolled out Modestreet
Fashion to begin their journey in delivering augmenting fashion experience.

Touted to be a game changer in the fashion industry, Modestreet aims to reduce the omnichannel gaps and improvise on both the in-store and online shopping experiences

“When I first met him I wasn’t sure about how long we will get along but I felt that we would make a strong team and can achieve something big. In fact, the first start-up failure led us to rise and create a mark in the business world,” explicates Rohit Chhabra, Co-Founder, Modestreet Internet.

Assisting Buyers & Marketers for Making Informed Choices
Noida headquartered Modestreet is a unique, first-of-its-kind online platform that seamlessly integrates cross-platform fashion savvy social networking sites, multi-channel fashion shopping and intuitive augmented reality for a timeless shopping experience. Laid by the objective to empower fashion buyers and marketers and solve the major concerns and pressing problems of all times, i.e., sizing, the company has rolled out its flagship product offerings to bring an end to all such issues from both the buyers and the sellers’ side.

Modestreet’s flagship product is a patented, unique and effective concept of Augmented Reality and Virtual Fitting Room. It endeavours to address all the sizing concerns and
cart abandonment with further facilities of an offline trial room to make sure that the outfit looks the best with regard to the size and the look. Additionally, the product perpetually allows the buyers to select, try & take a picture and posts them among friends, family, designers and various fashion enthusiasts for feedback reviews and suggestions. Abhitosh speaking on the sidelines asserts, “As a community-driven platform for consumers, we ensure a personalized experience of browsing, discovery, and shopping to the users as well as act as an Omni-channel shopping aggregator for both fashion and retail business.”

Further, he avers “We enable the users to enhance the experience of window shopping on the web through visual detection and virtual fitting room. Our multi-channel integration also allows them to choose the product from the nearby store, help them select the garment, get it delivered or book an appointment for trial with being guided by a closet manager for manage, edit, & plan outfits.”

A True Game Changer!
Poised to be a game changer in the fashion industry, Modestreet aims to reduce the omnichannel gaps and improvise on both the in-store and online shopping experiences. Envisioned to inculcate technology and progress with essential features of AI, image processing and more, Rohit concludes, “Aiming at technological innovations that can help retailers understand and interact better with the consumers; we at Modestreet want to live up to the elevated expectations in a smart and convenient manner.”