Mojro Technologies: The Smart Urban Logistics Platform

Kishan Aswath,CEOThe ideation of Mojro Technologies took shape when the founders sensed the need of true disruption in the logistics space. Surprisingly, while Logistics is the significant driving force behind the country’s economy, it is ridden with higher costs, largely driven through inefficient logistics practices. In fact, logistics has seen the least technology penetration so far.This was an opportunity for the founders. The market prospect was tremendous while problems to be solved were plenty. Further to their discussion on an area to focus on, they decided to zero in on logistics. This marked the beginning of Mojro.

Mojro was established as a technological platform that focuses on transforming goods movement from, to and within mega-cities. The platform majorly reaches out to customers like Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, 3PL & C&F Agents across different industry segments like CPG, Pharma, Consumer Durables, Retail & Food.

A Logistics platform currently focusing on solving the Intra-city goods movement problems for businesses, Mojro functions with the motto to Optimize and Automate Intra-City logistics. “Goods movement planning and execution is largely manual in nature rid with inefficiencies leading to cost increases, delayed deliveries affecting Customer SLAs and satisfaction. Our state of the art
technology platform and heuristic algorithms provide cost optimizations to our customers,” speaks KishanAswath, Co-Founder & CEO.

A Logistics platform currently focusing on solving the Intra-city goods movement problems for businesses, Mojro functions with the motto to Optimize and Automate Intra-City logistics

The execution side of the Mojro platform automates a significant portion of the Logistics processes bringing in great deal of transparency, tracking and tracing for our customers. While majority of SMBs and to some extent Large enterprises do face challenges in finding the right mode of transport for their goods at the right price, Mojro enables these businesses to connect with transporters and enable the physical nature of the Goods movement as well.

Best known to optimize various parameters & business processes to provide cost benefits for the shipper, while opening up new business avenues for the transporter, the company is an expression of the passion, the aggression, the engineering expertise and the insatiable desire to solve real life problems with innovative solutions.The platform is built based as a Big Data Platform with elements of AI & ML algorithms baked in to help solve some of the complex problems in Logistics. This has enabled them to demonstrate a reduction in trips close to 15 percent. “The combination of the power of technology and efficient operations has helped us to
demonstrate this for our customers. Since our platform provides both Technology and Vehicles for Goods movement, we have not just demonstrated optimization through software planning, but also through executing the optimized plan on the ground,” Kishan informs.

What Next?
Within a span of two years, Mojro has come along way to solve multitude of problems for 20+ customers. The company has raised two rounds of funding so far – a Seed round during early stages of the company and a PreSeries A round as recently as Feb of this year. Mr. Krishna Kumar Natarajan, Executive Chairman of Mindtree is a very early stage investor and Advisor/Mentor for Mojro. 1Crowd (An early-stage Investment Platform) and Naga Limited (Business entity based out of Tamil Nadu) are the most recent Investors.

Summing up the journey, Kishan mentions, “We are excited with what we have achieved so far and the possibilities that lie ahead of us. We aim to be one of the largest Logistics Platforms in India and Globally in the coming years.”

Features Available in Mojro Platform
• Consolidated Route & Space Optimized Delivery Plan
• Day Planning for deliveries
• Vehicle & Driver Management
• Multi-mode support–Single pickup multi delivery, multi pickup multi delivery, multi pickup single delivery
• Auto Dispatch of vehicles
• Enterprise support
• Auto Address resolution through Geo-coding
• ETA & Alerts/Notifications
• Driver Job automation through the Driver App
• On-Demand and On-Contract availability of Vehicles