Monk Consulting: The Consulting Firm that Acts as a Part of Your DNA

Girish Trivedi,Co-Founder & Director

Girish Trivedi

Co-Founder & Director

The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) elucidates the sparkling form of consulting industry in India which is growing at a 30 percent CAGR, to hit Rs.27,000 crores by 2020. Inching towards this bright future, what matters end-of-the-day is the trustworthiness of consultants which they earned through exhibiting an extended level of expertise & flexibility. But tragically, the players in our sub-continent who meet this exigency are limited. One among these limited brands is a company is Monk Consulting that acts as an extended team for client’s CXOs and delivers consequential value to their organization via expertise in diverse areas and familiarity of versatile industry forecasts. The firm is CXO focused business consultant tailored made solutions and making available an industry-best pool of aficionados in the verticals of IT, Media, Telecom, agriculture, manufacturing and FMCG Healthcare & Healthcare IT. This entity is dedicating its heart and soul for the horizontal integration of organizations serving these verticals. The concrete pillars of the organization, two veteran board members who possess
an experience of about 25+ years in the industry, mentor this consultant army to reap success in carving strategies for the clients, effective implementation and scaling the organization capabilities.

Monk’s strategy & tactics services comprise brainstorming and workshops, where the organization gets into the target firm and becomes a part of their DNA

A Partner to Leverage

Monk spreads its solutions around four categories, Strategy & Tactics, Support to the Tactics, Bench marking & Assessment Services, and Financial Advisory Services. The strategy & tactics services comprise brainstorming and workshops where the organization gets into the target firm and becomes a part of their DNA. Through research-driven bench marking & assessment of the entire in-house structure, Monk helps the client set up a growth oriented planning and then implement the formulated strategy working in tandem with the internal team. Moreover, the organization also develops SOP for the client.

Then comes the support phase where the organization stands alongside the client and assists them from portraying the leadership teams on the market development, to concocting presentations, white papers & other marketing materials,
and playing presentation roles on behalf of the client. The organization taps in the entailments of consulting with its comprehensive growth oriented financial services. “We are very much focused on the financial advisory services as well, for which we do an end-to-end evaluation and cater them with apt financial modeling and investment advisory, everything post identifying the market opportunities,” affirms Girish Trivedi, Co-Founder & Director, Monk Consulting.

The Monk Mantra

The Monk story begins in early 2010, when Girish moved out of his MENASA(Middle East North Africa South Asia) assignment and subsequently APAC role.. His mind was thronged with thoughts of starting a self-funded firm, and eventually Monk Consulting came to existence in mid-2011. Since then, the organization has emerged as one of the credible brand by on-boarding right people & right skills, focusing on becoming a Unbiased Advisor for CXO’s working with large enterprises. They could do this by being flexible in its delivery model, without a mere deviation from its pre-plans.

Today, atop working with best names in the industry, the company is managing relevant acquisitions as well. “To win a competitive edge, you have to be two steps ahead of what your customers are thinking, on a regular basis,” adds Girish. Through regularly synchronizing its workforce with the latest tech-exposures, the organization has carved a plinth for itself. Sensing the allure of South-East Asian countries towards Indian companies, Monk is now planning to explore territories such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok big-time in near future.