MonkeyPanda: Humanizing Technology with Impressive UI/UX Experience

Vardhan Peddi, CEO,Deepanwita Nandi, MD

Vardhan Peddi, CEO

Deepanwita Nandi, MD

An American author, Seth Godin, once quoted, "Turning your passion into your job is easier than finding a job that matches your passion." Not surprisingly, this philosophy has become a guiding light for Vardhan Peddi (CEO) ­ the visualiser and Deepanwita Nandi (MD) ­ the storyteller to quench their thirst and kick start their dream company ­ MonkeyPanda Creative Services Pvt. Ltd. Established in 2018, is a creative service providing company that believes in being the solutions partner to its clients by delivering visually impactful and thought-provoking work for brands across interactive UI/UX designing, branding and communication, digital marketing, web development, and video production.

In recent years, the Hyderabad-based company has provided UI/UX, creative and digital services to large conglomerates like Welspun and small, medium, and post startups like Polimeraas, Stratosfy, SMPL-C, RatedCV, Au-to-wheels,, Doelsoft, to name a few. Today, has succeeded in leaving lasting impressions amongst its clients from the U.S, Canada, UK, and Indian sub-continent.
User-Centric Approach believe in the concept of creating an impact in the first few seconds, which is the need of the hour, and ensure emphasis is on creating visual talk points in its creative/branding by understanding the key elements of the business that need to be put forward and create a stellar creative branding which does the talking. Vardhan and Deepan-wita strongly believe that an image can speak a thousand words, and a well-developed UI/UX can make or break the product.

With rising digitalization post-pandemic, the industry demands are at the pinnacle, and it urges the design teams to be highly user-centric. Therefore, before starting the project, the company first understands the project and jot down all the information possible from its clients. The team believes that a huge part of the UX design process is getting to know its target audience, and the entire product should be built for these people, so they don't even think about opening design software until the team has done its user research. "We have a lot of Junglee UI/UX design capabilities.

We do insane and creative visual designs for our partners. We don't try to think out-of-the-box concepts but remove the box and let our ideas run wild. When a bunch of creative brains gathers together under one roof, the passion sparks flair in creating unique styles and visual concepts. We try to implement it from the client's perspective and keep our design clean and minimalistic to measure the zenith of visually soothing peaks. For us, the client's goal is our goal," proclaims Vardhan.

Great Team has a closely-knit team of 15 professionals of strong UX strategists, visual designers, UI designers, and graphic designers known as `Mutants'. The team also consists of script & creative writers, business development, digital marketing specialists/executives across all channels with industry experience from 2-13 years. Madan Kanala ­ a system architect and technology leader in the wireline networking industry ­ is a mentor who helps as an advisor with decision-making for the company. With various other plans in the pipeline, is planning to expand in the Middle East and Australia in 2021. The company is also looking forward to embarking on the journey of providing complete digital services and increasing the percentage of clients who are offered services across paid/organic marketing across channels.