Moodbridge: An Anonymous Platform Fulfilling Emotional & Mental Wellness Needs

Mohammad Bohari & Taha Saifee, Co-FoundersEmotional health issues affect over 1.2 billion plus people globally, and India has over 200 million identified as emotionally unhealthy people. Some of the most common problems faced are anxiety, depression, OCD, stress, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, work life balance, and fear about the future. Despite the staggering numbers, there is a 95 percent treatment gap due to the lack of access, awareness, affordability, and the variable quality of mental healthcare providers. Various awareness camps are led by the government, NGOs, private firms, and others to bring a positive change in the mindset of people in India and around the globe regarding their belief in seeking mental health treatment. Established in 2020, Moodbridge is an ondemand emotional service platform offering 24/7 empathetic assistance to users without fearing insecurities and social judgments. It is also a community based social networking interface comprised of members, trained listeners, and licensed therapists.

Almost everyone goes through emotional problems in their lives, and out of that, 50 percent fear social judgment, and the other half don't know where to find genuine support as not everyone has some one to talk to and share their feelings and gain support. Social media has worsened this condition instead of finding hope, meaning and selfvalidation,
people are attracting jealousy greed and other emotional imbalances. Moodbridge functions on the foundation to fulfill every body's emotional and mental wellness needs. They understand the importance of a calm and healthier mindset and are helping people achieve that hence Moodbridge is India's #1 platform to have an inbuilt chat, audio, and video therapy and counselling service system available. “We're here to accept, enrich, and welcome everybody who joins us and offer them a better perspective on living a prosperous life” speaks Mohammad H. Bohari, Director, Moodbridge.

Our long term goal is to deliver every single person their licensed therapist and trained listener and be the ideal solution for all emotional and mental health problems in India

Creating Awareness of Prioritizing Mental Health
Moodbridge is an anonymous platform where people can discuss their mental health issues without any insecurities. It helps its users wire the mind with selflove and selfcare by providing 24/7 assistance in multiple ways. Moodbridge focuses on creating awareness for prioritizing mental health in India through various online offline campaigns. It is working towards offering compassion to people who're not paying attention to their mental health and making them realize the benefits of venting and prioritizing themselves. They also allow their users to chat with professional experts for free only to check whether their selected mental health expert is the right match for them. “Moodbridge is a place for everyone to share what ever is going on in their mind and gain empathy", speaks Taha Saifee, Co-Founder, Moodbridge.

Moodbridge is DPIIT recognized and has licensed mental health experts who support mental problems in multiple languages. The online platform provides user friendly access for everybody regardless of age, location, and occupation, as many people don't have access, literacy, or motivation to go to a mental health therapist and discuss their problems. The users can view therapists' and counsellors' bios and qualifications before choosing one with whom they want to connect. All conversations between Moodbridge users with their trained listeners and licensed therapists are private and confidential. They also have a different module where they connect their users with listeners who have lived in experiences to help them realize that no matter how tough the situation may seem, life is bigger and better than that. Moodbridge aims to build a support system, a platform that can hold every individual in the world and make them feel welcomed and at home.