Mounty: Making the Great Indian Outdoors Accessible to All

Camping & Adventure Sports are a huge market globally. For instance, in the US, camping is a 200-billion-dollar market as every US citizen tends to camp at least twice a year. In India too, camping and adventure tourism is getting popular with each passing year. Since India is a densely populated country, people in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities across India crave weekend getaways in a bid to relax from their hectic lives and get back in touch with nature.

As a University student of Lovely Professional University, Punjab - Harshvardhan Tiwari was going through a similar predicament of not being able to find a decent weekend gateway in and around Punjab back in 2013. It was at this point; an idea kicked into his mind. The vision was to organize group trips for people seeking weekend gateways.

This led to Harshvardhan and his group of close university friends to curate their first-ever group trip back in October 2013 ­ a Rs 2500 per person package to Manali that included camping and adventure traveling. Capitalizing on their initial success, Harshvardhan and Co took a very commercialized approach and curated many successful trips for University students, which ultimately led to the foundation of Mounty in 2019.

Today, Mounty has a network spread across 20 states in India, offering authentic camping experiences, giving Indian people the comfort of a picnic along with camping stay, bonfire, fishing, barbeque, trekking activities, and a lot more. Armed with a hard working team including Anand Siddharth & Akhil Marsonya as Lead Tech and Mujeeb Khan as Head of operations & sales, Mounty strives to make camping and adventure very accessible, nearby and very pocket friendly at the same time.
Connecting the Dots in India's Biggest Unorganized Sector
Camping & Adventure Tourism is a huge unorganized sector in India, and big players such as MakeMyTrip and Yatra completely ignored it for years due to many compliance issues. For instance, many adventure sports operators are very remote people. Many operators have done relevant Mountaineering courses, so on and so forth, but due to their remoteness, some don't even have a pan card or sometimes don't even have a bank account.

Anand Siddharth & Akhil Marsonya, Lead Tech,Mujeeb Khan, Head of operations & sales

On the compliance side of things, it becomes challenging for any company to work with such operators. This is where Mounty comes into the picture by tying up with them. Mounty enables small time adventure tourist operators and the poor local communities across Indian villages to enhance their income by offering them a platform to help them get more bookings.

Mounty has also been promoting community tourism by enabling low-income villagers such as farmers to establish camping sites near the villages in tranquil locations like a lake or a hill.

In just a couple of years, Mounty has put up camping sites nearby all the major tier 1 and tier 2 cities in India. From a personalized rugged experience where camping is done in the middle of the forest to Glamping where the tents have amenities similar to three-star hotels, and from hardcore adventure sports such as jip line and Skydiving to relaxing trekking experience where tourists could enjoy sightseeing ­ Mounty offers everything one could crave for in a weekend getaway.