MOVINNZA: Making Websites User-friendly for Better User Interaction

The swelling wave of eCommerce dominance fuelling the need for organisations to establish themselves in the online presence has led to the rapid growth in the quality demand and website design development in the country. Though the growing importance has affected the small, medium and large scale businesses at an enormous level many are left behind in attaining the high-quality product based on their requirements. Identifying this major problem faced by the companies and the dire need to meet up their requirements, Shailendra Kadulkar while working as an IT professional for an MNC made up his mind to bring something new in this highly competitive space and help the companies in getting refrain from the project failures caused by lack of proper understanding and incompetent database designing. Thus, in 2016, MOVINNZA came into existence to assist the companies with quality services and customised web development solutions.

‘Requirements, Quality & Design’- in a Nutshell

Shailendra started off from a small firm where he obtained insights in SEO, Web Designing, Database and various others. Leveraging on years of industrial experience and in-depth knowledge garnered from IT firms and as a freelancer, Shailendra wished to transform client’s ideas into dynamic web solutions by applying latest technologies through a unique platform ‘MOVINNZA’. ‘Understanding Requirements, Database Designing & Quality’ is the key essence for
Shailendra Kadulkar,Founder any business to grow - the company believes that client’s requirement is the prime preference to achieve the exceptional outcome. Speaking on this, Shailendra says, “We started our work by keeping in mind the client’s requirements focussing on what is being purchased and what is being delivered. At first, we do a thorough analysis to identify all the possible issues of a project at the initial stage whereby we put 50 percent efforts in requirement understanding”.
Endeavouring as one of the key players in website designing, the company not only offers services in the confined arena of eCommerce or Wordpress Development or PHP development but also in the custom web development space. Sporting ‘Custom Web Development’ as its flagship service, MOVINNZA plans to present its clients business on the web on how it is actually on the ground.
Additionally, the company also offers its services keeping in mind the value of – ‘Time, Quality Assurance, Unique Design & Quick Support’.
“Through our specialised services,we help our customers seek more business online and
assist them to tap the consumer market with strong and distinguished online presence, fortified with quality and servicing,” he mentions. Further, the company also provides end to end solutions in web hosting, database consulting and friendly SEO development.

Headquartered in Pune and with an office in Mumbai, MOVINNZA provides diverse and varied web services starting right from web designing, web hosting to SEO

A Unique Platform for Indian &
International Clients

Headquartered in Pune and with an office in Mumbai, MOVINNZA provides diverse and varied web services starting right from web designing, web hosting to SEO. With the motive to help the clients business meet its expectations, the company ensures their clients with all possible services irrespective of their requirements. Initially started with 2 to 3 clients from personal contacts, the company at present has a client list of more than 20 names. They envision building a team of 30-50 employees in the next 5 years which incorporated with 10 employees at the time of inception and has developed client portal for eCommerce sector, adding value to their business. “Presently, we are looking for the customers from outside India as well as the customers who are within the country but with a strong base,” concludes Shailendra.