Mowito: Leveraging Robust & Precise Solutions for Managing NanoFulfillment Centers Using Cutting-edge Technology

 Puru Rastogi , Co-Founder & CEO

Puru Rastogi

Co-Founder & CEO

Instant delivery can be challenging primarily because it can burn the pocket to find the right place to set up nano-fulfillment centers. E-commerce firms are reducing the delivery time from a day to a few hours, and this trend can be seen in groceries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toys, and apparel - to name a few. Reduced delivery time improves customer experience and reduces the number of returns. To reduce the delivery time, e-Commerce firms set up multiple nano-fulfillment centers (FCs) spread across the city, so one is always closer to the customer. These nano-FCs have highly efficient operations to avoid shipping errors.

Based out of Bengaluru, Mowito was established in 2021 with the motto of automating nano-fulfillment centers from end-to-end. They are targeting to convert them into giant vending machines where only the delivery person would have come to pick up the delivery. The automation would decrease human resources costs, errors, time for fulfillment, and overall cost of operations and scale up quick commerce. Most importantly, this will enable the company to set up nano-FC and 24*7 operational retail stores in any corner of the world.

"Most customers today either run their nano-FC themselves or outsource it to 4PLs who run operations manually, which could lead to error and hurt the brand's image. Mowito offers highly efficient fulfillment operations to its customers through automated nanoFC. Which means lower cost, zero picking errors,
and no delays in processing orders", informs Puru Rastogi, Co-Founder & CEO, Mowito.

AI-Assisted Development
Mowito offers additional benefits that set it apart from its competitors in the market. Benefits include consistency in fulfillment time, no cost of training or recruitment of human pickers, scalability, and more accurate inventory management fewer audits. All these services reduce the overall management overhead for any FC. There are various technologies that Mowito leverages in the fulfillment process in an automated FC. Once the order is received, it is picked up by robots. The robots comprise a robotic arm with an attached camera and a computer equipped with an AI-based Vision Engine. The Vision Engine can detect, locate and calculate grip for objects it has never seen before. Post this, Mowito utilizes its in-house algorithm to control the robotic arm to collect all the products requested by the customer. Mowito also uses its AI algorithms to determine where different products should be placed in the FC to reduce fulfillment time by the robot.

The company also envisions expanding across geographies & setting up automated Nano-FC & retail stores in the US & Europe

"Once all the products have been picked and moved to the packaging counter, they are packed and handed to the delivery personnel while ensuring speed, reliability, and accuracy. Mowito's Vision algorithms can also notify the warehouse manager when the inventory is running low and trigger the replenishment process automatically", adds Puru.

Robust Roadmap
Mowito aims to grow exponentially across India and bring the wave of automatic fulfillment centers. The company also envisions expanding across geographies and setting up automated Nano-FC and retail stores in the US and Europe. Ultimately, the company wants to productize the automated fulfillment center to deploy them whenever and wherever needed.