Moza Organic: Functional Foods For Your Daily Diet Plan

Dr.Kamarudeen Mohammed,DirectorPandemic was the time when the world realized the importance of health and well-being and witnessed a gradual shift to healthier and organic food options. This created a space for food brands to create and innovate such food options that can be termed as ‘Functional’ to go with one’s everyday diet. Based out of Kochi, Moza Organic is a health start-up that provides functional foods that can be incorporated into the daily diet and create a positive impact on the health and well-being of our customers. The brand first started supplying unadulterated oils and other products from Laksadweep Islands, and has now emerged as an innovative brand in the health food product market, expanding its outreach to newer horizons. The products at Moza are backed by extensive research from premier institutes in India and abroad.

Backed On Meticulous Research
Doctor turned entrepreneur, Dr. Kamarudeen Mohammed founded Moza Organic with the intent to provide nutrition through organic food. The food industry today boasts of far-fetched claims but much focus is dedicated to marketing than research. Moreover, the health food supplements are targeted towards a key demographic, for specific clientele. Functional foods that are not chemically engineered are rare to find. Moza Organic provides an organic range of health-oriented food products the raw ingredients of
which are sourced locally, focusing on overall digestive and physical health.

The pandemic was a definite setback in the initial lockdown phase and the subsequent ones that led to economic slowdowns while gearing up the marketing strategies. This also led to a gap in the global supply chain with declining customer interest and a shortage of raw materials. The year 2020-21 brought along some relief and the ongoing situation assisted Moza Organic to grow from just a start-up to a full-fledged company, adding many products and brands to its repertoire. It was able to collaborate with some distinguished institutions for meticulous research to churn out innovative functional food unlike anything in today’s market.

With new strategies in place, it was possible to survive from the consequences of the pandemic and focus on brand development and growth, thus providing a birthing chamber of ideas for improving the functional food options of today. “Our focus on corporate social responsibility has also grown throughout these years, as we currently support rehabilitation centers, old-age homes, and nutritional enhancement programs with our value-added foods”, says Dr.Kamarudeen.

Moza is partnered with esteemed national establishments to formulate ground-breaking products to be introduced into global markets

Setting Highest Quality Standards Benchmark
Moza Organic believes in thriving by sticking to the highest quality standards, and through innovations, it is determined to produce the very best for its customers. Digital marketing has been helpful in this aspect, as in the technology-driven era, it provides for the most effective and nuanced methods of brand promotion. Being relatively new to the field, working with experienced, and highly-skilled SEO & SMO teams allowed Moza the privilege of wider outreach and driving much traffic on the website.

The coming years seem to have promising outcomes for Moza, pertaining to the industry demand for healthier food options. Moza plans to expand beyond India and towards he Middle East as well as branch into cosmetics and nutraceuticals under the same standards of quality and innovation. “We hope to turn Moza Organic into a household name, to continue to uphold our ideals, and to usher in a new era of dynamic, groundbreaking products for the everyday customer”, concludes Dr. Kamarudeen.