Mr. Garaz : One-Stop-Shop for all Automobile Servicing

In the contemporary world, innovations are rapidly transforming every industry, and the automotive industry is no exception. Innovations and adoptions are setting new trends in the century-old automotive ecosystem, which has undergone a drastic change. Founded in 2019, Mr. Garaz, headquartered in Bhubaneswar, is a new age, a well-recognized start-up in the automobile, consumer internet, and internet industry. Mr. Garaz's platform is designed and built for efficiency and ease to use mobile auto repairs and maintenance where and when one needs them. Mr. Garaz takes the stress out of owning a car and keeping it running smoothly by bringing only certified mechanics near the doorstep, saving time, and delivering quality repairs and maintenance.

“Mr. Garaz was designed for the mutual benefit of our customers and our mechanics. We strongly believe in the power of a shared economy and frankly we just don't like paying more than we have to for auto repair and maintenance or waiting around to do so. Our leadership team understands problems like these and aims to solve them with technology”, said Satyabrat Mohanty, Founder & CEO, Mr. Garaz.

Unique and Cost-Effective Vehicle Servicing Solutions
Car service and repair is not only time-consuming but also quite expensive. Top of it, most of us do not even know what we are paying for or how much time will the repair take. Customers' lack of automotive knowledge is often taken advantage of by local or authorized work-shops, and all one ends up with is high bills, low-quality repairs, and a horrible experience. At Mr. Garaz, the firm believes that car service should be convenient, transparent, high quality, and reliable. The company under-stands that car is a complex machine, and it is difficult for owners to figure out the correct solution for their car's symptoms.

This is where Mr. Garaz's skilled and knowledgeable in-house technicians come to the rescue. Their well-trained technician arrives right at the doorstep to diagnose the problem and suggest or book the correct service. “Minor repairs or regular service are either done at the comfort of your doorstep or Mr. Garaz's certified garage near your location.

Satyabrat Mohanty,Founder & CEO

We also provide a free pick-up and drop facility for you to avoid dreadful traffic. You are given the quote even before any service or repair work starts. To put it even better, we service your car only post your approval. You also receive timely service updates and post-service support whenever needed”, added Satyabrat.

Mr. Garaz offers cost-efficient and time-bound vehicle servicing solutions for car spa and wash of complex work like engine overhauling

Mr. Garaz offers cost-efficient and time-bound vehicle servicing solutions for car spa and wash of complex work like engine overhauling. The company aims to build a robust platform and a community to simplify the process of maintaining a vehicle. To make it more convenient in the future, the company will launch features in their platform where customer can keep all their docs and history of the vehicle.

Along with this, the company is planning to expand all over Odisha and focus on Pan India expansion by the end of the year. “We have ideals which is ZOHO. We take inspiration from them how they grow this huge without any external funding and how they have maintained they brand equity in consistence way by looking. Therefore, we want to grow in vertical and horizontal way in a slow and steady way without diverting to any other way”, concluded Satyabrat.