MRG Engineering: Assisting Industries in Solving Toughest Technical Problems

 Mohamed Riyaz,  Managing Director

Mohamed Riyaz

Managing Director

It is crucial to stay innovative in today’s evolving business market and designing innovative products seems to be the ultimate solution. That being said, culminating an idea into reality is complicated and requires adept assistance. An expert engineering design partner can help businesses with the right expertise to turn such ideas into real and tangible products. This is precisely where MRG Engineering, a leading end-to-end engineering solutions provider from Tamil Nadu, India comes into picture.

Founded in 2021, MRG Engineering carries out detailed engineering design as per international standards in the field of mechanical, civil, information technology and electrical and instrumentation. It primarily focuses on small-scale businesses from Gulf countries mainly from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai.

“Right from the start of an idea to its launch in the market, we are the one-end Engineering Solution Provider for your every business problem”, says Mohamed Riyaz, Managing Director of MRG Engineering.

Inception of MRG
For Mohamed Riyaz, the concept behind MRG Engineering was to create something on his own and leave a legacy behind for the next generation. The pandemic days made him realize the significance of building a brand name than being confined to a typical 9-5 job. Therefore, he declined all his job offers and returned to his native place and began this venture with the support of his family and
friends. Having industry experience over a decade, Mohamed Riyaz was able to secure connections within the landscape that heavily helped him in recruiting the right talents, contacts, referrals, clients and investors. The key differentiating factor of MRG Engineering from others is its willingness to welcome and trust freshers in projects. This way youngsters are given a platform to showcase their skills and creativity and be part of a growing businesses.

Right from the start of an idea to its launch in the market, we are the one-end Engineering Solution Provider for your every business problem

MRG Engineering is known for its services, especially mechanical designs. Whether it is the design of a vessel tank or nozzles or general structural designs, the service offered is top-notch and highly efficient. The process from calculation to finite element analysis ensuring the ability to withstand temperature, strength, and stress, are done with unmatchable expertise and professionalism. The Managing Director of the firm has over 10 years of collective experience in this space. His vibrant team has some of the best problem-solving experts in the country. Not only that, the company is currently expanding its team with engineering talents from various backgrounds and nurturing them to become experts who can deal with the toughest technical problems. This way, areas of construction including foundation drawing, building elevation drawing, Walk through Presentation and interior designs as well as areas of automation including Design of instrumentation, controls and metrics, and data recording are effectively covered by MRG Engineering. Moreover, the multifarious team is also proficient in writing both Android and iOS applications and has done various web development projects for their clients and leverages the latest technologies like AI into their operations to achieve various goals. Needless to say, within the span of two and an half years, MRG Engineering has proved itself to be a desired choice of solution provider by delivering diverse fields.

Furthermore, the main factor behind the success of MRG Engineering is the quality of the services offered. The company never compromises on quality and delivers first-class quality in all its services. Besides, the firm is open to understanding and satisfying the needs of the clients with respect to the services offered so as to ensure customer satisfaction. Such assistance has helped in building long term relationships with their clients and has helped in gaining a solid reputation for the firm in this space. Today, with over 35 team members, working both remotely and from the office space located in Tamil Nadu, MRG Engineering aims to create value for their clients by providing exceptional services.