Msg Global Solutions: Leveraging Technology to Help Firms Improve their Operational Efficiency & Decision-Making Capabilities

Jaideep Chatterjee,   MDGlobally, the increased IT spending, coupled with the widespread adoption of software-as-a-service and increased cloud-based offerings indicates the demand for IT services in the industry. Due to advancements in the IT operation across the cloudbased platform, IT services have become more data-driven and realtime, creating more excellent value for the business, especially in operational efficiency and business opportunity discovery. Optimization and successful SAP implementations are crucial for companies to ensure their systems run smoothly and competently, and that's where `msg global solutions' pioneer. A consulting, implementation, and managed services provider, msg global solutions help companies improve operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities by optimizing technology. With passion, people, and a genuine desire to achieve operational improvements, the firm wants to see its clients accomplish their performance objectives.

Most companies cannot keep pace with increasing market demand because they lack the expertise, resources, and digital capabilities to meet changing customer expectations. A more data-centric approach is becoming the norm in which integration, consistency, transparency, and realtime access to financial data are the foundations. Since the pandemic, businesses are choosing SAP to help them transform their businesses, build resilient supply chains, and become sustainable enterprises, an area in which msg global solutions pioneers.

A part of MSG Group, msg global solutions is an independent, international group of companies with more than 1200 employees in 28 countries. It provides solutions that help companies to build digitally connected organizations designed to adopt innovations faster, improve business processes, and foster dynamic relationships. "Our mission is to help organizations fuel innovations unlock new growth opportunities, optimize operations, and drive sustainability. We believe the key to success is identifying the best solutions and consultants to help the clients navigate the path ahead", shares Jaideep Chatterjee, MD, msg global solutions, India.

Passion. People. Performance
msg global is a systems integrator, software development partner, and managed services provider focused on SAP solutions for accounting, finance, regulatory reporting, performance management, customer experience, and IoT. Operating from offices across the globe, the expert team helps clients achieve operational efficiency and improve decision-making capabilities. While the heart of its expertise is in the financial services sector, its solutions got utilized in
various industries as some flagship products of msg global also help the insurance, banking, and automobile industries. They provide services globally to critical clients, primarily on SAP technology and other technologies like Java and C++. Msg Global has the expertise in understanding the environment, offering innovative solutions, and creating value in executing the client's vision. As an SAP development partner, msg global solutions work on the front lines to develop sustainable solutions."At msg global solutions, we strive to mitigate costs and formulate plans for rapid implementations with years of consulting experience. We provide end-to-end insurance, finance transformation, innovation management, maintenance, and support. msg global solutions continuously strengthen product portfolio and develop new business models and innovative solutions, thereby driving development and constant expansion", highlights Jaideep.

Our mission is to help organizations fuel innovations, unlock new growth opportunities, optimize operations, and drive sustainability

Envisioning Growth that Leads to Success
msg global solutions have rich experience and expertise in transforming businesses by innovating solutions. The firm creates industry-specific solutions marketed exclusively as SAP Solutions Extensions and is well-versed in various industry structures, trends, and challenges. As a result, msg global solutions can help companies identify trends faster, increase their productivity, and prepare for digitalization in the industries like Automotive, Banking, Consumer Products, Food, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Science, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Telecommunications, Travel, Logistics, and Utilities.

Passion is how they approach their work, loving what they do and joyfully delivering on the promises is what msg global solutions thrive at. People at msg global solutions are the best in the business and provide the power to deliver the company's mission and vision. The ultimate goal of the company is to perform better in everything. While it executes complex programs for international clients in the Automotive, Retail, Food, and BFSI domain, msg global solutions encourage people to be innovative and create fun at work. They offer a high degree of freedom for independent work, individualized training, and many growth opportunities. Employees are as unique as the continents where they live; thus, diversity makes msg global solutions great. They are committed to supporting and ensuring a diverse and inclusive work environment where all individuals got treated fairly. msg global solutions was the SAP Pinnacle Awards 2019 and 2020 Winner, given for developing complementary software that provides technological innovation, market impact, and demonstrates business impact for the customer.

Today, msg global solutions are working towards its 2025 goals focusing on the insurance, reinsurance, automobile, and food industries. They are ready to support customers with global expertise and skilled technology professionals on their digital journey. msg global solutions are working on technologies like Big Data, Predictive Analytics, AI, ML (Machine Learning), the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Telematics, Chatbots, and other emerging technologies. As a result, clients can custom tailor offerings to their customers, which provides more significant ROI and helps to grow their customer bases. With growing databases and financial information, technology is vital in cyber security, msg global solutions see companies moving towards high levels of automation to improve backoffice operations, analytics, and customer experiences. They believe that hyperautomation will be a game-changer for the industry. msg global solutions strive to achieve excellence, innovation, and performance socially and sustainably and want to be known for its Passion. People. Performance.