Mstsoft: A Leading Consulting & Services Firm Aimed At Improving Business & Online Presence Of The Client

Makesh Kumar ,Founder & CTO

Makesh Kumar

Founder & CTO

India is one of the most promising markets for IT companies to grow, for both new and established players. A young population, a rapidly changing economy, massive adoption of new technologies, and an urgent need for digital transformation across the board have set expectations for post-pandemic digital growth. The competitive ecosystem and impatience-to-grow mindset have put the adoption of DevOps as a strategic choice enterprises make to drive innovation. It helped close the gap between business and client needs and ensured business continuity in a disruptive marketplace. As more and more businesses adopt new technologies like DevOps, we also see an increase in the demand for DevOps experts. Established in December 2021, MSTSOFT is a consulting and services company aimed at improving the business and online presence of the client. It employs DevOps best practices, including process automation, streamlining software development, and infrastructure management, to deliver faster and more reliable software deployment.

DevOps is an evolving IT culture; until 2018, it was an optional add-on in the software development cycle, but software companies slowly realized its importance. In late 2019, most companies made this a mandatory integration; however, many companies consider DevOps a challenge rather than seeing it as an opportunity due to cultural changes. Analyzing all the market scenarios, MSTSOFT decided to provide DevOps services where they deploy all code changes to a QA testing environment, automatically
building, testing, and preparing a deployment-ready build artifact for production release. They have set strong cultural norms by sharing and facilitating enhanced communication and collaboration, bringing the workflows of operations and development together.

“DevOps plays a significant role in automating and integrating processes between the development and operations teams throughout the entire software application life cycle, allowing us to build, test, and release software more quickly and reliably, resulting in reduced downtime, constant monitoring, and enhanced security. However, if strategically planned, India can become a primary hub for DevOps services”, speaks Makesh Kumar, Founder & CTO, MSTSOFT.

Envisioning Solutions that Upscale Businesses
MSTSOFT offers IT consulting, software development, digital marketing, and quality assurance services to every other industry and sector. It uses technology to enable digital transformation, enhance customer experiences, and boost operational efficiency by
creating innovative solutions that leverage common standards in architecture, data, and security. The company is process oriented and studies customers’ existing systems & domains before proposing a solution and the proposed solution is based on the current business and its growth in the future. MSTSOFT leverages its extensive technical network and expertise to provide cost-effective bespoke turnkey solutions to customers' business needs, "We are a software development company that digitally transforms our clients through strategy, consulting, and engineering services", says Makesh.

MSTSOFT has a strong team of 30+ people across various technology stacks to meet all your needs. They have a highly experienced team with expertise in all popular DevOps and DevSecOps tools. In Cloud, they have experience in building applications using the Cloud computing services in Azure and AWS in both private and public clouds. MSTSOFT primarily focuses on cost-effectiveness and fast time to market. They use cutting-edge project management methodologies and tools, enabling their customers to track the project status and delivery timelines.

We are a software development company that digitally transforms our clients through strategy, consulting, and engineering services

MSTSOFT aims to continue leveraging the latest technologies to develop robust, seamless, scalable, and efficient applications. The company’s goal is to grow large and serve numerous customers worldwide.