Mudrakwik Fintech: Loan Application Made Simple!

Swapnil Madiyar,Founder & Director

Swapnil Madiyar

Founder & Director

The lending landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift towards digitization and automation. The gradual move towards the digital has added to the list of conveniences like lower loan processing costs, better loan disbursement decisions and enhanced compliance during the repayment period. Digital lenders have capitalized upon the consumer’s need of securing instant funds through seamless experience and can leverage data heavily to completely automate underwriting of loans. The new-age tech platforms are now aiming to be sleeker and more data-driven than traditional banks, which often use cumbersome and overly onerous methods to establish creditworthiness when giving out loans.

One such digital lending platform is Pune headquartered Mudrakwik Fintech that specializes in hassle-free financing for individuals, who do not qualify for a loan from other established lenders in the market. “What makes us different from the other players in the market is our unique business model. Our ticket size is as low as INR 1000 going up to INR 5, 00,000. Mudrakwik gives INR 1,000 loan by default for the first time. Loan amount increases with regular repayments and the applicant may be eligible for a loan of up to 5 lakhs if regular EDIs are paid. Instantaneous disbursal is our special feature followed by loans irrespective of the applicant’s CIBIL Score. Presently, we offer our services to salaried individuals only; providing loans to people with minimal salaries. We are location agnostic as well. The process is backed up by our family-owned NBFC, which makes the whole process of loan disbursal seamless and smooth,” explicates Swapnil Madiyar, Founder & Director, Mudrakwik Fintech. With a loan application process so simple, the company looks to enhance the convenience of availing credit. From the verification of personal information to checking loan eligibility, it has automated the entire process for the user’s comfort. “Any transaction made on our app will be accounted for and you will be notified for the same,” he says.

The Idea behind Mudrakwik The concept of Mudrakwik germinated with the need of availing loans to individuals who do not qualify for a loan either due to low income or insufficient CIBIL rating. While working with a Chinese partner, Swapnil realized that a huge group of blue-collar salaried people like drivers, food delivery staff, security staff are
untapped by other financial institutions and are credit deprived despite their eligibility and capability to pay. This very picture made him uncomfortable and he decided to do something about it. This marked the beginning of Mudrakwik. “I always drew inspiration from some of the greatest leaders. Being young, I always wanted to treat our employees as friends. I strongly believe that employees are the real partners; they invest their time, skills and hard work so they should be treated as partners or friends. We also ensure to take feedback from our employees across the level to understand how we are perceived by our team members, also if they feel valued as a part of the organization or otherwise. The culture of the organization is very open and encouraging so as to ensure complete employee satisfaction,” he mentions.

What drives Mudrakwik's strength is its competent team consisting of people from different geographies and demographics

Defining the Mudrakwik Work Culture
Mudrakwik as a company is quite flexible and accommodating. It doesn’t work on a traditional model of completing ‘X’ number of working hours; rather it is task/ assignment driven. The employees are aware of their job duties along with the deadlines. “So far, our team members have been so dedicated that we haven’t had a single case of non-completion or non- achievement of KRAs, which we are immensely proud of. Other than that, we have several other perks like work from home, flexible working hours, casual work atmosphere, Vacation/Paid Time Off, Performance Bonuses, Employee Development Programs, Employee Discounts, Paid Parental Leave, Childcare Assistance, Commuter Assistance, Diversity Program, amongst others,” he informs. What drives the company’s strength is its competent team consisting of people from different geographies and demographics. The team is an ideal mix of seasoned professionals as well as experienced and millennials who all bring their individuality and perspective to their respective roles; working tirelessly to create something of value and something they believe in. They communicate openly, set team goals and leverage each others’ strength. They challenge the status quo and drive their respective businesses as a business owner rather than an employee leading to the overall growth of the company.
Mudrakwik has a collaborative and open work culture. “We work together as a part of a big family, thriving and working towards a common goal. We inculcate a culture where the employees own the business and run it as their own. We encourage individualism, creativity and innovation and proper rewards and recognitions go without saying,” he mentions.

The Growth
Mudrakwik Fintech began its operations with one product called Mudrakwik which is a pure vanilla lending platform for blue-collared masses. It has now diversified into adtech too. As a company, it has attained the targeted growth right in the first month of incorporation itself. It is one amongst very few startups worldwide which has its reached break-even in just three months of operation. Its revenue growth has been roaring around 25-30 per cent MOM. Started with a very few numbers of states, Mudrakwik's reach has expanded to every corner of India including Andaman Nicobar.

After entering into adtech segment with its product Loanmart, Mudrakwik is now working on a novel concept of Fincom, e-commerce with easy finance for the untapped mass of tier 2, tier 3 and micro villages of India who are new to smartphone and internet and are not yet targeted by e-com giants. The product is in its primary stage though it is planned to be launched by June'20. This will be a complete game-changer for the organization. With Loanmart and Fincom, Mudrakwik is poised to become unicorn not only by valuation but also by revenue. “Personally, I have a dream target of becoming Forbes 30 under 30 at the age of 21!” he concludes.