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 Vijay Mahajan,    CEO & Founder

Vijay Mahajan

CEO & Founder

In order to start an e-commerce Business, only building an e-commerce website is not enough. It must be kept in mind that apart from good website, you need to have strong business processes & strong organisation which is the first and foremost priority of any business. In wide sense, there are lots of factors involved in the proper functioning of an e-commerce business. VV Consulting from Mumbai renders holistic end-toend consulting for the e-commerce business. “I have closely observed e-commerce industry for the last 5 years and have seen many e-commerce start-ups fail due to lack of vision & improper planning. The hype about e-commerce lures young entrepreneurs & students to set-up their own e-commerce business. It is easy to launch an e-commerce site as the initial cost is low. But most of them are not able to sustain for more than 18 months in the market. One of the main reasons for failure is high ongoing cost for marketing, deep discounting & logistics, which harms the net profitability of the
company”, says Vijay Mahajan, CEO & Founder, VV Consulting.

"VV Consulting Helps In Settingup E-Commerce Business From Concept Till “Go-Live” And Also Maintain & Manage Business Post Implementation"

Execution Of Expertise
Vijay Mahajan, an expert in e-commerce, IT Infrastructure and Cloud Computing having 37 years of industry experience started VV Consulting last year with a vision to mentor e-commerce entrepreneurs in business planning & setting up business processes and help internal IT organisation in their Cloud Journey. Being the CEO of an e-commerce company for 4 years and having handled many facets of IT for large corporate for 20 years, Vijay is well known in the IT fraternity because of his vast experience and indepth knowledge. “VV Consulting helps entrepreneurs/ students to set up e-commerce Start-ups and to Retailers & Enterprises to set-up eChannel. We help in settingup e-commerce business from concept till “Go-Live” and also maintain & manage business post implementation. Other area of consulting services is Cloud Migration where VV Consulting partner with internal IT organisations of small & medium enterprises, to migrate Applications from inhouse DataCentre to Cloud. It starts with creating Cloud Strategy & then migrate applications to right kind of cloud services (viz. IaaS, PaaS or SaaS) with appropriate Cloud Service Providers (like, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud)”, states Vijay.
Strategising The Future
Moving on with his venture, Vijay has out of the box plans for future success of the company. He provides consultancy services using his experience & knowledge and provides implementation & maintenance services using his partners. His plan is to create an e-commerce ecosystem in Mumbai & Pune. The e-commerce ecosystem will consist of e-commerce platform players, Photographers, Content writers, Website Designers, UX experts, Logistic players & so on.

Varsha Iyer, Manging Director

VV Consulting is just six months old and has a long way to go. Within this short period of time, it has been successful in acquiring clients in the cities of Mumbai, Thane & Pune. Having been associated with many firms over his 37 years of career, Vijay is positive about expanding the geographical presence of the company with partner ecosystem. Expressing his good-will about the company and stating the road ahead, the founder concludes, “Now, we have presence in Mumbai & Pune having plans of expansion to other cities in the near future.”