Musiio: AI for the Music Industry


Team Musiio

Technology has brought about a revolution in every possible sector of the industry. Music being one of the primary sources of entertainment for the masses has also been a subject of severe innovation and change. Two veterans, one from the music industry and one from tech happened to meet in January, 2018 which eventually turned into a collaborative venture with the name of Musiio-dedicated to building deep tech products for the music industry. “Musiio is a B2B Artificial Intelligence company for the Music Industry. We have created a new way of using AI to sort through large volumes of audio content for the purposes of play listing, search or automated tagging. We also provide services to record labels to use audio recognition techniques for A&R,” says Hazel Savage, Co-Founder & CEO, Musiio.
The founders analysed the volume increment to the music industry as a whole has been overwhelming in the last 10 years. The access to the creation of music was much less than what is now. Getting hands on recording studios and musical instruments was limited to the people with capital. But now, with the help of desktops and mobile applications anyone is able to record music at low cost or no cost at all. “We use AI to do the heavy lifting, in case we have to listen to 30k songs in about 4 hours. The great news about all this new music coming out is that in countries where it was previously harder to get known and get access, the advent of the internet and smart phones means we will see many more artists and their music coming out of less known regions and having an impact globally,” says Aron Pettersson, Co- Founder & CTO.

"Next year, team Musiio will continue to grow the team in Singapore along with its client base"

The Way it Works
Musiio has very categorically articulated its products. Both the founders being from different industry domains were smart in innovating ideas for their music tech company. It has three initial target segments for the music industry, Sync, Labels and
Streaming. All of these companies are B2B. Each use case is different, but each company wants to sort large volumes of music as accurately and efficiently as possible. “If you have ever listening to music on Spotify, chances are the curator was ‘assisted’ to build the playlist using data science technology. It would take one human being 70 days, 24 hours a day, none-stop, to listen to 30k songs, we can do that same volume in 4 hours. Efficiency is the cost-benefit,” Hazel mentions.

The Present-day Growth
Currently, Musiio is a team of 8, the growth to which is constant. It has started working with some remarkable business mentors and one industry mentor, Mr. Will Mills who is Hazel’s senior from Shazam and the current CRO at Lyric Find. Aron being in the profession of a full stack developer for the last 17 years and having expertise in Machine Learning and Neural Networks has been successful in adding value to the music industry as a whole. Expressing the future of Musiio, the founders conclude, “Next year we will continue to grow the team here in Singapore and our client base. We are always open to discussions with potential new clients, from Telco’s who need to improve their music offering to Sync operators and individuals who want to scale and sub-license larger catalogues in their region.”