Mutelcor GmbH: Equipping Doctors with mHealth Platform to Manage Patient Health beyond Clinical Sett

Alok Gauba, Co-Founder & CEO

Alok Gauba

Co-Founder & CEO

Emerging nations like Asia and Africa still face healthcare related challenges like limited transportation, non-availability of doctors, lack of access to referral healthcare facilities and inadequate infrastructure. Precisely predicting that mHealth is a sure cure to solve the very basic systemic healthcare delivery issues, Mutel Germany GbR, which was incepted in 2008, upgraded to GmbH in 2014 to include mHealth division, thus rechristening itself as Mutelcor GmbH. The company currently works with PHCs of State Govt. in west India for rural remote patient monitoring (RPM) along with implementing mHealth solution for a mobile operator in West Africa.

Delivery of Remote Clinical Service using Technology

Unlike other healthcare apps in the market that targets consumers/patients emphasizing on a particular segment, Mutelcor’s mHealth solution is an end-to-end RPM platform covering remote diagnostics, medical device integration, real-time vitals data transfer & remote patient monitoring, dedicated messaging communication between patient & doctor, historical vitals data trend analysis, nutrition & activity tracking tool, post-surgery patient follow up for multi-specialties (Bariatric & Cardiac) based on standard protocol and several
others. Built based on an intensive industry feedback, Mutelcor’s mHealth solution is highly scalable for public healthcare systems & corporates, and disease/condition management on preventive & curative side. With this HL7 Standards based mHealth product targeting the payer market, the medical & treatment history is maintained digitally in EMR to monitor patient & track data, with inbuilt clinical workflows, advanced analytics for doctors, tracking and recording more than 70 vital signs in the EMR format and several others.

With HL7 Standards based mHealth products targeting the payer market, the medical & treatment history is maintained digitally in EMR to monitor patient & track data

Unique Product Portfolio

Rural mHealth: Running on low bandwidth, Mutelcor’s rural mHealth connects rural health centers remotely to district/city hospitals, thus bridging the doctor-patient gap and enabling patients to access quality care along with timely treatment. This solution includes a mobile app for community health workers/nurses, connected diagnostics device kit and a dedicated web portal for doctors to provide remote consultation in real-time. “I perceive that implementation of RPM solution with set of features like data gathering via devices connected to mobile application, historical trend analysis using analytics, and replacement of paper systems in rural geographies is a real opportunity area that will not only eradicate the problems
faced in public healthcare systems, but also improvise patient health outcomes,” explains Alok Gauba, Co-Founder & CEO, Mutelcor GmbH.

Post -Surgery Long-term Follow-up: Yet another brilliant app Bariatric mHealth covers patients’ Bariatric Surgery Lifec ycle from pre-surgery stage to post-surgery follow-up for a span of minimum five years. Its easy-to-use interface allows patients to manage their own health data, upload relevant reports and signs, report abnormalities, consult the surgeon online and receive e-prescription post the doctor receive the related reports in real-time on their Doctor Web Portal. Doctors then review patient health data, weight loss journey of patients, set follow-up reminders, send diet charts and prescribe medication.

Post-market surveillance and Registry: Patients who undergo angioplasty and CAGB can stay connected with their doctors through Mutelcor’s Cardiac mHealth platform. The easy-to-use interface of the dedicated mobile app for patients allow them to manage their heart health, upload relevant reports & signs and other important measurements, consult the surgeon online and receive e-prescription. After receiving the vital signs on real-time, the doctor with the help of his web portal reviews patient and advise medication or even identify an emergency and ensure informed clinical decision making to improve patient outcomes.

The Future Ahead

Moving ahead, this Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and New Delhi based company looks forward to expand its mHealth RPM solution in emerging markets such as India, Sri Lanka and Africa and launch end-to-end applications in the arena of IoT.