My Careers HR Solutions: Reaching Globally with Local Presence

John Khadka,CEOProficient team and skilled talents are the most basic source for any organization's growth. While manpower is such an important component to drive the business to excellence, it is very crucial to manage them appropriately. While John Khadka began to work in the industry, he noticed that noticed there were plenty of recruitment companies but all of them lacked proper human resources management systems. He recognized the speculations about the recruitment and manpower industry in Nepal. With this, he aspired to create a system where people can expect quality and ethical recruitment process. With a vision to cover-up several verticals of the recruitment landscape and serve the domestic as well as international market, he established My Careers HR Solutions.

Having ethical recruitment at the core of its heart, the company offers various services to the clients that range from talent acquisition, outsourcing, training, consultation, and others. However, it does intensive research on understanding the needs of the clients and combines all these services to provide a customized solution based on the requirements of the client. "We place special care to choose and screen every single candidate while being conscious of factors such as their experience, skillset, competency, health, over-all attitude. We further train all the candidates on the trade
set and provide UK standard health and safety training at the workplace. Our major priority is to make sure that our clients and the candidates are happy," informs John Khadka.

The Kathmandu-based company is now recognized as an international human resource consultant having partners across Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America. It helps organizations from SMEs to blue-chip companies, to optimize their management potential through unique Recruitment Process Outsourcing system that provides an effective alternative to traditional ways of recruitment. "We provide a complete integrated ethical recruiting solution by going through a rigorous process of sourcing, pre-screening, assessing, selecting, engaging and onboarding employees to recruit right candidates for the right job. Our mission is to be the largest provider of inter-nationally qualified personnel while protecting the rights of workers," he exclaims.

My Careers HR Solutions supplies about 100 human resources every month to the clients across various regions of Europe

My Careers HR Solutions is well known as the first company to bring the perfect blend of recruitment services, job portal, training services, human resource consultation with a unique sourcing process. It offers complete HR solutions package for SMEs and blue-chip companies glob-ally. John says, "In terms of value, we respect the feelings of our clients and candidates to offer the best solutions for them. This has been our strategy which is making us stand unique in the market. The company sends over 150 to 200 recruited people to Middle East every month.

The company has witnessed phenomenal growth since its inception. Today, it supplies about 100 human resources every month to clients across various regions of Europe. It has significantly grown in terms of the client relationship & customer management. "We have highly emphasized on trade training and skill development along with health and safety training. Therefore, we plan to keep long term relationships with them by maintaining continuous feedbacks and follow-ups," he mentions.

The company is planning to expand the brand across the border and increase the portfolio with customized and innovative solutions. "I would be happy to see our clients and candidates prosper. We are thoroughly transparent with them and will never compromise on service quality. Eyeing the future, we have high hopes and are positive about the way ahead," he concludes.