MyChoicehire: Hirification Enhanced!

Chethan Raj,Founder & CEO

Chethan Raj

Founder & CEO

It all began with a single idea of simplifying the process of hiring. Noticeably, recruitment as a process is extremely collaborative yet most tools until now have not been able to make it real time across the value chain. Gone are the days when hiring managers called recruiters to find out the status of candidates they had selected, or when candidates chased recruiters to know event details, interview schedules or even status of their candidature. At present, the hiring team is focused on more value addition than just mere co-ordination. In such a scenario, imagine a system that provides a phenomenal user experience and elevates operational effectiveness by seamlessly connecting hiring stakeholders on a single platform and, effectively transforming myriad transactions to a real-time easy to navigate mobile application.

myChoicehire – a first of its kind mobile app has made this a reality by connecting candidates, recruiters, panel members and partners on a single real time platform, especially on trending mobile app space. “There are more tools that try to bring in other aspects like data science but with constant industry interaction, we realized that powerful user experience did not lie in intelligence, but in pure effective and efficient process. It was a very simple demand across stakeholders - we want to view the process, feed real time updates and seek real time status,” speaks Chethan Raj, Founder and CEO, myChoicehire.

Built passionately by industry SME’s and prospective candidates’
inputs, myChoicehire acts as a unique space for recruitment process. myChoicehire is used across startups to large enterprises - from organizations hiring couple of dozens to several thousand in an year. This recruitment tool works on Web, Android and iOS platforms.

Enhancing Engagement Experience

Presently, every organization looks at investing in hiring solutions, only if there can be improvement in performance. All of these can be possibly achieved with real time simulation and making required changes in operating style for required rhythm. Thanks to myChoicehire that these concepts are actually put to use and the app enhances the overall user experience across stake holders, considering how hiring processes are managed by large to medium enterprises, as well as by recruiting partners. Many candidates claim that they don’t own smart phones. In such cases, myChoicehire has offline option available for recruiters and partners to manage the process effectively with no hiccups. The app is currently being used as stand-alone application by some of the organizations who do not own any ATS at all. They effectively manage the entire recruitment process all on the app! On the other hand, there are large IT companies who have tried myChoicehire for their weekday events / weekend or large events, not discounting campus hiring too, piloting to paperless interview evaluations. With all their interaction and experience in the past and with existing clients, it is vividly evident that the existing ATS has certain limitations for real-time updates. Perhaps myChoicehire has made all the effort to be the ‘CONNECTED TOOL’ – ensuring organizations continue to retain their existing ATS as-it-is and be their front-end interface app for recruiters, panel members and extended partners. “We are unique in our offering, as we enhance the overall hiring experience, supported with dashboards, analytics and, predictable data on real time basis. We believe that myChoicehire is currently the only
mobile app, which is robust, integrated across users to manage bulk of the interview processes, effectively,” says Chethan.

A Social Recruitment Tool

As a certified application, having undergone audit check on Android, iOS and Web application extensively and thoroughly by an external agency, team myChoicehire’s focus was set on to ensure product vulnerabilities are identified and fixed to ensure adequate security aspects are in place. Needless to say, the team has achieved the level of resilience risks that makes the app appropriately safe for hosting / releases across all their clients and partners.

Living up to its tagline ‘Experience the JOY of Hirification’, team myChoicehire’s primary focus is to integrate hiring process with “Gamification” on mobile app, thereby providing a platform for candidates to effectively participate in recruitment events, use social sharing features effectively to share open positions with friends, connect with recruiters, provide unconditional feedback. myChoicehire is future ready on the product platform for Social recruiting, Gamification, Crowd sourcing, Crowd evaluation, Location based services, On demand documents, (for background check), to name a few.

Based on some of our key clients, we have progressed into our next level of dashboards and analytics view (both for Corporates and Partners), thereby giving some of the best visual representation of performance patterns. These dashboards should ideally help Operation Leads and Hiring Leaders to have a holistic view on the happenings, both at internal team and at partner level on mobile app, on real time basis. We are also exploring ‘Aadhar compliant’ option as we believe this feature will help strengthen the product further towards positive identification of candidates in future (India hiring),” concludes Chethan.