MyFin Advisor : The Cost-effective Financial Advisor Meets Professionalism

Peeyoosh Agrawal,Founder & Managing Partner

Peeyoosh Agrawal

Founder & Managing Partner

Very often, when we feel lost amidst terms like tax, debt and investment, we are most likely to end up with amateur financial advisors or insurance companies who might literally rip us off by charging huge amount of money, as they are vastly present in large numbers across the country. To provide high quality financial advisory services economically and become an affordable partner for individuals, a Mumbai IITian, Piyoosh Agarwal, ventured myFin Advisors back in 2011 clouting his bold experience in the investment market. Using most economical financial instruments such as Equity, Debt, Bullion, Insurances, Loans and Real Estate, today the organization is becoming a useful ‘Family Wealth Doctor’ by catering to end-to-end financial services right from planning to execution of strategies, predominantly to Retail Investors, Corporate Investors and Non-residing Bodies. “Prompt & friendly advice and timely resolution of queries. The price is also very reasonable with myFin,” Ram Rangarajan, a happy myFin
customer from Gurgaon echoes the sentiments of a bunch of people who today experience these cutting-edge financial advisory services.

For individuals from B2C, myFin prepares a questionnaire which includes each and every aspect of the customer's expenditure

The Family ‘Wealth' Doctor

The company has different approaches for their clients from B2B and B2C arenas. For individuals from B2C, myFin prepares a questionnaire which needs to be filled by the customer that includes each and every aspect of their expenditure. And eventually by putting more inputs on customer’s expenditure concepts, the company sorts out the core issues associated with, and even suggests them secure and goal oriented mutual funds. With individuals from B2B, the company collects information of 3-5 years into their financial history and plans strategies accordingly.Contemplating the evident lack of awareness on financial, accounting and taxation among clients, myFin also delivers wide array of deft services to its B2B and B2C clients including debt management, filing income tax returns, auditing the balance sheet and finding venture capitalists. On the other hand, for
corporate investors the entity arranges mortgage and non-mortgage loans at most competitive interest rates to fill-in their financial needs. “We are not into multiple mutual funds, but we suggest the best mutual funds in market through which targets can be achieved,” elucidates Piyoosh.

With callous competition in this sector, myFin doesn’t want to be just around the corner of street pawn shop. The aficionados of the firm believe in adopting a comprehensive approach to create long term transformational impact on client’s finances. Applying their deep experience, they design financial goals, measure requirements and do a market research at both retail and individual level. Taking all these into account, they develop a complete financial plan that covers all aspects such as Insurance, tax returns, cash flow chart and retirement planning.

Years of Triumph

Today, with just around five people in the team, myFin is recognized as one of the most promising personal financial consultants available in the market. The organization heavily leverages the ‘Manipal ProLearn’ for their in-house training purposes. However, the company has grown five folds in the last three years and recorded the highest growth in the last two quarters. Going ahead, the company is on its way to incorporate loans for its B2B and B2C clients. Since, the current stock market is delicately balanced, myFin suggests the retail investors to stay put for long term goals and de-risk when the goal is nearing.