Mynd Your Fitness: 360 Degree Approach towards Health, Nutrition and Fitness

Anjan Goswami,FounderUrban life in a lot of ways is dependent on digital products. There aren’t many aspects that the digital umbrella doesn’t cover. Over the last decade, healthcare digitization has grown vastly. Fitness apps, e-consultations, e-plans and others are everywhere and have, in fact, made matters so much more convenient. However, there are a few problems that customers face while availing wellness therapies and programs from the providers in this domain. Different providers need to be consulted for mental and physical wellness and on top of that, proper experience and expertise in this domain is very rare. Very few players have the required knowledge to render appropriate services to their clients. Mynd Your Fitness is one of those businesses that have been able to develop a platform that offers a 360 degree approach towards healthy lifestyle.

Anjan Goswami, Founder, Mynd Your Fitness has vast exposure in multiple sports since childhood and over 12 years in multiple fast paced Corporate roles. He now commands significant understanding of the fitness and nutrition demands in both. He quit his full time job and started this venture in an attempt to address the varying fitness and wellness needs of people. On Mynd Your Fitness, he states, “We are a 360 degree solution provider for Health, Nutrition and Fitness. By providing fully customised programs to manage ‘triggered discipline’ for
Health and Lifestyle, we attempt to facilitate the desire to lead the ‘life of choice’.”

Extensive Range of Programs
The company offers weight management programs, fitness training and recovery, kids’ health and fitness, long distance running, nutrition and diet planning, lifestyle management and corporate wellness and fun events. From these, all, except the corporate services, are meant for individuals or a group of “common goal” oriented individuals. The company customises the services based on a number of factors regarding health and health goals of the individual. It takes into consideration aspects like medical conditions, family history, residential location, climate, habits and the like about the individual before recommending any solution. On the corporate services front, they have successfully partnered with the likes of Microsoft, Infosys, Yokogawa, redBus to name a few. They have also conducted kids oriented programs at a number of schools.

By providing fully customised programs to manage ‘triggered discipline’ for Health and Lifestyle, we attempt to facilitate the desire to lead the ‘life of choice

Anjan mentions, “If you look at our nutrition plans, for example, we do not commit just weight loss or inch loss. We commit an improvement in the metabolic processes, a change in lifestyle. We have seen that everything else falls into place, the moment you give adequate respect to your body. Treat your body well, and your physiological functions will take care of weight and all such attributes that you are concerned about.”

Future Projections
The company initially faced difficulty at the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020. But that also gave them the opportunity to build up the online mode of training, and slowly they managed to gain back strength. And then the company upped the ante and saw the boom in the number of members by early 2021, including new members in regions outside India. They also came up with their own app on iOS and Android platforms during this time. Speaking about the future goals of the company, the founder concludes,“We are planning to add more variety to our corporate programs, collaborating with service partners in other industries. We are coming up with packaged services partnering with the hospitality industry, health oriented events partnering with the offsite service players and a few more. We are also planning to work on newer initiatives for Kids Fitness.”