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Dana Jandhyala ,Co-founder & Managing Director

Dana Jandhyala

Co-founder & Managing Director

When it comes to education, it is very important to focus on enhancing student’s understanding not just learning. For example a lot of people learn about Einstein’s ‘General Theory of Relativity’ but very few people understand the full extent of its impact on various aspects of physics. Bangalore based MySchoolPage endeavors to enhance understanding using technology to provide appropriate in-class tools for two-way discussions and coherent multi-media content that is neither a replica of in-class material nor a plagiarized version of widely available content. An online tutoring platform that provides world-class education at your convenience, team MySchoolPage believe every child needs customized attention for optimal development. The company provides 1-to-1,personalized, interactive, live online tuition with handpicked and trained certified tutors for K-12 students. The learning goals are clearly defined, carefully planned, and meticulously executed and monitored.

The idea was conceptualized in 2009, when Dana Jandhyala was living in Bahrain and her 8th grade child needed tutoring support in
Maths. After thorough searching,they found a good tutor at a princely rate of 70BD an hour ($196). When the family moved to Dubai, the problem resurfaced and this time for Science subjects, because one of the most expensive schools in Dubai could not attract suitable teaching talent to provide the services. In absence of such skills, quite a few students needed tutors, and the best ones could get as expensive as $150-200/hour. MySchoolPage was an outcome of the founder’s quest to use her experience as an educator and address the needs of students using technology as a platform. The idea of leveraging technology to provide skilled educational services delivered in one part of the world and consumed in another part had still not trickled down to the K-12 education segment when MySchoolPage was set up in 2011. Besides addressing a critical need, the company also wanted to make the supplemental education (tutoring) customizable, affordable and effective.

MySchoolPage provides 1-to-1, personalized, interactive, live online tuition with handpicked and trained certified tutors for K-12 students

MySchoolPage today actively serves students in Grades 4-12 and their parents in Middle East and Asia. “We elaborate student needs analysis that involves both technology and highly qualified academics for setting the learning
objectives for each student. Our recorded classes go through an analysis based on the guidelines set by qualified academicians to ensure that personalization and quality are consistent,” she speaks.

Sailing against the Wind
While setting up the company, the initial two years were spent in talking to educators, students, and parents to understand their pain points. To establish the impact of personalized tutoring, the company came up with a series of steps that included setting learning objectives before start of any tutoring program,assessment tests and academic mentoring to track the student’s progress, and proving the results in the year-end performance of the students. These steps helped parents and students understand the value of our methodology objectively and return as customers year-on-year until the students graduate and enter junior college.

From 5 students and a few tutors in 2013, MySchoolPage has grown to providing tuitions for and tools to thousands of students & tutors and has began providing tuitions for students in Dubai.“Now we teach to students in 15 countries in Asia, Middle East and North America,” she says.

Narrating the future roadmap, she concludes enthusiastically, “Making instructor-driven personalized education scalable and affordable is our aim. We are also lining up few more products to supplement personalization that help students with their productivity and daily challenges. We are looking at launching Persian and Turkish language based services, amongst others, in a few years’ time.