Nabhas: Offering A Gamut Of Biodegradable Paper Based Disposable Products Of The Finest Quality At The Best Prices

Sonali Dey,  Founder

Sonali Dey


Biodegradable products, as the name suggests, are fully compostable and biodegradable hence, they are widely used globally in order to reduce plastic waste and greenhouse emissions. Increasing preference for environment friendly products along with increasing consumer awareness about the benefits associated is boosting the market. In India, biodegradable products made from bamboo were traditionally used in rural areas over the years, this trend has spread to urban areas as well. Consumer product packaging and disposable eating products made of biodegradable material such as corn, sugarcane husk, and other plant bases have several environmental advantages over non biodegradable products. These factors, combined with increased investment in R& D are anticipated to boost the market.

NABHAS is one of the burgeoning players in this space, promoting and trading products including paper napkins and tissues, facial tissues boxes, paper cups, paper plates, paper kitchen napkin rolls , toilet tissue rolls, wooden cutlery items, paper food containers and packaging boxes and more. M/S NABHAS is a sole proprietorship based in Mumbai that commenced from Kolkata by trading handcraft and gift products before expanding operations to other parts of the world. NABHAS's founder, Sonali Dey, is a female entrepreneur who is a firm believer in consumer goods product distribution in B2B and B2C markets, technology-driven marketing and supply chain models, ecommerce, and food retail.

Nabhas is constantly increasing its product line and sales reach, with a primary focus on the best quality, best price, and best possible customer experience. Nabhas is one of India's pioneering and reputable enterprises, having been recognized by a leading magazine for regular use as well as biodegradable paper plates, bowls, and tableware items. Products are made of high
GSM paper, sugarcane pulp-based bagasse, corn starch pulp based items, and areca based range of tableware items of standard sizes available across the nation. Nabhas sources and private labels a large array of GSM quality paper cups of all sizes including the single wall, and double wall regular cups, double wall ripple cups, and double wall kraft paper cups, premium spectra cups with paper straws & lids options with multiple manufacturers across India. Nabhas also imports specialized grade cups and collaborates with reputable companies on custom built paper cup solutions. Wooden Cutlery and tableware is another segment that Nabhas specializes in. The firm promotes imported and Indian made wooden spoons, forks, sporks, cake knives, bamboo skewers, grill sticks, coffee stirrers, toothpicks, and more.

Nabhas is constantly increasing its product lines and customer reach, with a primary focus on the best quality, best price and best possible user experiences embarking on their journey to be a brand of choice in disposable segment globally

Nabhas is actively involved in the transformation of food packaging product lines to paper-based materials. The firm offers regular paper containers, ripple containers, kraft paper food boxes, noodle boxes, and others of standard sizes across India. Table napkins and tissues were the starting products launched by Nabhas a few years ago, but it has now grown to several private labeled hard and soft/virgin paper napkins available from various sourcing units across India. The firm specializes in providing these things, mainly in the HoReCa category as well as all India supplies for home and workplace usage. Moreover, Nabhas is rapidly increasing its HoReCa supply across India and has begun to serve a few renowned global companies in the 5-star hotel category. Nabhas is a renowned brand with few large digital online retail stores and sells their primary range of cups and wooden cutleries on a B2B, B2C model reaching thousands of direct customers using these products for their day to day needs.

Nabhas is further working on launching single ply variations and combinations on paper napkins, 2-ply and 3-ply paper towels/ napkins, single/double coated cups, biodegradable plates, biodegradable spoons and cutlery, high GSM kitchen rolls, higher GSM toilet rolls, higher GSM M Fold Napkins and more. "We are driven by the mission of strengthening our end consumers, bulk buyers , aggregator partners and retail seller network to 250000+ count by 2025, and envision being a popular brand in home use disposables products in India and further global markets", concludes Sonali Dey.