Nabstract: Unveiling the Potential of 5G B2B2X with Simplified APIs

Vaibhav Mehta,  Founder & Director

Vaibhav Mehta

Founder & Director

With the rise of cloud computing, IoT, and AI, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) continue to be at the forefront of technological innovation, playing a pivotal role in enabling seamless communication between applications. Ensuring security and privacy, maintaining backward compatibility, and adhering to evolving industry standards are some critical challenges that organizations prospering in this dynamic landscape have to tackle. Nabstract(Network+Abstract), a budding startup within this sector, provides the abstraction layer by simplifying the complex network APIs into user-friendly service APIs, thus empowering enterprises and vertical platform developers. Focused on 5G B2B2X, the firm enhances network exposure capabilities for innovative services in the 5G and Edge Cloud landscape.

Nabstract Solutions empowers diverse verticals and enterprises to harness the full potential of 5G services, enhancing the B2B business opportunities for telecommunications and cloud providers. The plat form and products pave the way for Telcos to establish Network as-a Service models, akin to the successful strategies employed in the CPaaS realm.

Team Nabstract possesses extensive expertise in seamlessly interfacing with end-to-end operator networks. This expertise spans across critical domains, including 5G Core, RAN systems, OSS/BSS, Charging systems, Management systems, and Devices. As thought leaders in this field, the team’s
experience predates the emergence of open gateway concepts in the market. Nabstract has consistently demonstrated its prowess through pioneering work and remains at the forefront of innovation in this ever-evolving landscape.

“Our mission revolves around offering cutting-edge 5G exposure capability solutions, specifically tailored for public 5G and 5G-Advanced networks. Through our Vertical Enabler Platform, we extend a wide array of services across various industry verticals. We excel in delivering 5G connectivity management solutions, ideal for deployment in private 5G networks. Our Connectivity Management Platform seamlessly caters to enterprises of all sizes, providing a user-friendly experience for application developers and 5G connectivity users alike. Furthermore, our solution incorporates robust monitoring and management features, bolstered by built-in observability and con trollability”, shares Babu Narayanan, Chief Technologist.

Nabstract’s approach is built on delivering comprehensive solutions. The team has architected its solution using a platform approach that adheres to the GSMA Operator Plat form specifications for network exposure and application connectivity. In an evolving Telecom industry, which has traditionally focused on connectivity, the advent of 5G opens up new opportunities for Telcos to offer Network APIs to enterprises an emerging space Nabstract is keen to navigate as a startup.

With a highly focused team, led by an even more experienced founding team boasting more than 50- man years of extensive experience in the telecommunications sector, Nabstract brings agility and responsiveness to meet the specific requirements of Telcos and Operators, becoming an adaptable partner.

“Our commitment to flexibility is reflected in our diverse range of business models. We are dedicated to tailoring our product to align seamlessly with our customers' needs, ensuring that our product roadmap evolves in tandem with their plans. Additionally, our hybrid product-project approach stands out as a cost-effective solution, delivering exceptional value to our customers”, further shares Vaibhav Mehta, Founder & Director.

Future Roadmap
Nabstract is charting a bold path in the telecom industry with plans to develop cutting-edge API platforms. While the current focus is on product development in India, the firm’s vision extends far beyond nation al borders as it aims to serve global markets. The firm firmly believes that the innovative solutions it is crafting for the telecom sector, particularly in the realm of B2B models, possesses the potential to transcend industry boundaries. As Nabstract continues to pioneer advancements in telecommunications, the team is committed to staying at the forefront of technology and driving transformation not only in the telecom sector but also across diverse industry verticals.