NAMO HiFi: An End-to-End Home Automation Solution Provider

Satheesh Kumar,     CEO The field of home and commercial automation is quickly gaining prominence making homes and work spaces safer, smart¬er, and better places to live and work. According to reports by Markets and Markets, “The global home automation market is expected to grow from $48.52 billion in 2020 to reach $85.42 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 11.9%.”These features help users to virtually monitor and control home and commercial space attributes like lights, entertainment systems, security, climate control, etc.

At the helm of this revolution is NAMO HiFi, an end-to-end home and commercial automation solution provider. As a managed service provider, the company is at the forefront of offering Smart Home Automation & IT Solutions products to home and commercial owners.

Founded in 2016 (Formerly RSK Media’s), NAMO HiFi has come a long way from its beginnings in Salem. When they first started out, their passion for “We make IT happen” drove them to do tons of research, so that NAMO HiFi can offer people the world’s most advanced IT & Home/Office Automation Products. Today, NAMO HiFicaters to customers all over India, and is thrilled that they are able to turn their vision into reality. The company has partnered with several big brands such as Hero Group electronics, Wise Automation, Oakter, Home Mate and more to resell or distribute their home automation products.

With these products, users get full control of their home by making every switch and appliance in home a connected device. They can easily control household devices through an app on their phone, Remote or by voice. Importantly, it’s compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant Device.

One of the main reasons, a large number of people are getting accustomed toNAMO HiFi’s home automation products is because of its robust and extremely helpful features.
For instance, users can schedule or set time for devices like lights to turn on/off by itself. Smart doorbell sends a notification to the users to attend the visitors at the door. It has two way video communication features, which allows users to see who is on the other side of the door. It is also integrated with smart door lock; customers can lock and unlock doors using their mobile app.Without any human interactions, users can monitor and manage the devices at home or office from anywhere in the world. The company assures one year warranty for all of its products.

Users can customize the smart electrical switch with their favourite photo, artworks, drawings, etc., Available Module: 3 modules, 4 modules, 6 modules, 8 modules, 12 modules, 16 modules, and 18 modules. The company also has offline and online devices customized touch switchboard with IR Remote, which brings an intuitive, responsive, and elegant lighting experience to the place.

Micro controller-based intelligent switching system, touch-based switches are responsive to user-triggered actions. All switches are Shock Proof, highly sensitive, capacitive touch, and can be operated with remote/app/voice commands and hand touches. One of the reasons customers prefer these types of switches is because it is user-friendly and have longer functional life and low maintenance.

Integrated with Sensors, the switch¬es adopt a good sensitivity detector and an integrated circuit. This sensor gathers automatism, convenience, safety, energy-saving, and practical functions. It utilizes the infrared energy from the human body as a control signal source, and it can start the load at once when one enters the detection field. It can automatically identify day and night and is easy to install and a widely used product. The company also delivers Smart Security systems like smart Indoor & Outdoor Camera, Video DoorBell, Smart Door Lock, etc.

NAMO HiFi can install these products without disturbing existing wiring, reconstructing walls or ruining home décor. These products can be operated using 3 interfaces – Voice, App and the existing switch.All these products are based on advanced technologies like AI, IoT, cloud and sensor. “Our aim is to deliver high-quality products at afford¬able price,” states Satheesh Kumar, CEO of NAMO HiFi. He adds, “Our job doesn’t end once we install the products, we hold our customers’ hands throughout the journey. To solve customers’ query and concerns, we have dedicated customer support service team that works round the clock.”

When it comes to customer engagement process, NAMO HiFi first interacts with the clients to understand their concerns and requirements, subsequently they offer scalable solutions. The company offers its products in two variants one with the internet and other products that do not need internet. Depending on customer’s choice, the company will go ahead and install its products.

To deliver even better products, NAMO HiFi is looking to partner with some more bigger brands. Apart from home automation products, the company also offers Wiping Software, IT Hard¬wares, Website Designing and E-Waste Consulting services. The company is also looking to partner with construction companies to help them automate the buildings in the near future.