NationLearns: Spreading Financial Literacy

<style>.col-md-3 span{font-size:14px;}</style><span>Mohammed Haseeb, Founder & CEOIn the last few years, India has clapped eyes on the lightning upsurge of FinTech companies, dispensing well equipped and worthwhile financial services. Still and all, the shortfall of financial knowledge and understanding amongst the people has proved to be a line of demarcation. This imprecise awareness gave rise to doubts, mounting up the number of consumer drop off. Mohammed Haseeb, an entrepreneur and financial expert, perceived the tight spot existing in the ecosystem and resolute to educate the citizens about the true concept and every other aspect concerning the financial sector. He started off with a website named, through which he disbursed all essential information about the role and importance of the Fintech domain, investing schemes, fiscal management, frauds and all other positive and cynical factuality of the space. Observing the potency such initiative holds, he settled his mind on the plan of establishing Nationlearns, India's Only On phone In App Free Financial Advisor and managing platform conferring financial freedom to the clients and solving the major pitfalls in regards to the investment division of the country. "The set of circumstances and the grail to see 100 per cent financial literacy engendered me to venture in to this niche domain. To tackle this illiteracy, we founded,"voices Mohammed Haseeb, Founder & CEO.

The Services Nationlearns is a platform that basically advices people and help them purchase the right and best fitting their requirements. To set this objective in motion the company has organized its services in the following categories i.e. Insurance, Investment, loans, Tax and Bank Deposits. Under these, it puts forth subsectors to cater the individual needs of the clients. To further simplify the doubts and validate absolute understanding of their financial activities, it provides financial calculator such as tax, EMI, Fixed Deposit, Health Insurance, Retirement Plan, Term Deposit, and Traditional plan calculators. "We are a very big set-up. We administer and deliver vast array of services almost covering the major disciplines of the business and commercial sector. But in Nationlearns we are solely concentrating in providing financial awareness, effective money management and enable a user friendly experience. We encourage people to spend, save and invest smartly," he mentions.

Nation Learns is a platform that basically advices people and help them purchase the right and best fitting their requirements

Even though it this venture had a noble objective, it had to endure acute criticism and tough breaks initially. Despite being caught in such a spot, the team of Nation learns made sure to shape its end in view. In its four years journey, this bootstrapped company has gone through the roof in every aspect. Making a beginning with only four people, its team has burst forth to more than 150 professionals and is in the process of on boarding new talents. In terms of revenue the company is growing in stages yet it would not be wrong to say that they are in the black, making noticeable profits and are all geared up to accelerate the advancement. "Operating from Bengaluru, we are rendering services to clients across the nation. We Today, serve over 1000 customers over the phone every day. And till date we hold the record of serving over 25000 financial service providers with referrals of potential buyers of these financial products.

In the near future, Nation learns is aiming to build a more interesting and user friendly platform for people, design financial plans for corporate companies, conduct financial literacy programs and workshops in schools, colleges and government organizations.