Nativedefence Tech: Identifying the Potential Cyber Threats & Mitigating the Risk Factors

 Srijan Nandi,  Co-Founder & Technical Director

Srijan Nandi

Co-Founder & Technical Director

During the last couple of years, there is a sudden upsurge in the adoption of enterprise security solutions in manufacturing, healthcare, software, banking and finance services which are ultimately expected to drive the cyber security market growth in the forthcoming years. The global cyber security market size was valued at $153.65 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow from $172.32 billion in 2023 to $424.97 billion in 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 13.8 percent during the forecast period. The rapid advancement of technology and the increased reliance on digital systems for various aspects of daily life have made individuals, businesses and governments more vulnerable to cyber threats. A cyber security platform for organizations and individuals was desperately needed, with a 360-degree solution to tackle their difficulties. Fulfilling this need is NATIVEDEFENCE Tech, a forward looking enterprise that collaborates closely with its clients to grasp their precise requirements, and delivers dependable and scalable security services that optimize operations and bolster productivity.

NATIVEDEFENCE Tech’s approach combines the advantages of technology with the expertise of its security analysts to ensure a comprehensive and effective security strategy. These analysts play a critical role in not only identifying security threats but also in devising solutions to mitigate those threats. Security Analysts work 24x7 to provide in-depth assistance with product or service-related technical issues. In order to stay abreast of swiftly evolving technology,
the company collaborates with tech communities and participates in tech conferences and events on a regular basis. As a startup, NATIVEDEFENCE has a strong partner base across India and other SAARC countries. “We constantly seek new and better ways to serve our customers and out perform our competitors”, says Srijan Nandi, Co-Founder & Technical Director, NATIVEDEFENCE Tech.

Leveraging Technology to Enhance the Experience
NATIVEDEFENCE Tech has launched a platform with the name NATIVESOC which is a nextgen all-in-one ON-PREM & Cloud Security Platform that has a SIEM, XDR, HIDS, FIM, VA and XOAR, inbuilt into a single, cohesive system.

NATIVEDEFENCE Tech aims at enhancing the Partner eco-system through their Security Delivery Programs - SSDP, ASDP & MSDP and also provides marketing collateral, co-marketing opportunities & lead generation support to help its partners, resellers, distributors, integrators in promoting their products & services

It provides end-to-end security analysis, intrusion detection, log data analysis, incident response, regulatory compliance, cloud and container security, and more. It combines data from multiple sources and provides Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), User & Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) and also does Network Traffic Analysis (NTA).

NATIVESOC focuses on host based intrusion detection, which means it analyzes data from endpoints to identify potential threats and mitigates the risk factors by giving advance reports. The company strongly believes that this approach has the potential to improve security of organizations or individuals and simplify the management of security measures. The company is using technology to safeguard its clients from potential cyber-attacks or security breaches. This also involves using cyber security measures such as firewalls, encryption and intrusion detection systems to keep sensitive information and data secure from hackers and other malicious actors.

Moving forward, NATIVEDEFENCE Tech is striving to collaborate with resellers, distributors, integrators or technology partners in the coming future, considering their geographical locations and target markets. The company has already launched its training and certification programs to educate its partners about their products and services, ensuring they have the required knowledge to effectively represent their offerings. Their Security Delivery Programs like SSDP, ASDP and MSDP aims at enhancing the partner eco-system.