NatunaTech: Redefining Old-School Sales

Samrat Parasnis &  Ronak Rajan Founders & Directors,"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time"- Thomas Edison

Back in 2015, two first generation entrepreneurs samrat parasnis and ronak rajan made up their minds to quit their high paying corporate jobs and focus on their core strength sales. With this end in mind, they shaped up natunatech, which today is an amalgamation of fine inside sales, sales, marketing and analytical brains, helping businesses expand their organizational presence in europe, asia, india and us markets. After 4 long years, it proudly flaunts, to us that all its clients who started 3 or 4 years ago, are still with them and going strong year on year.

The starting point of this initiative was trigged way back when both samrat and ronak, worked together in senior management roles. During their tenure many entrepreneurs, cxo’s and intermediate companies made serious overtures with the hope of deriving effective tips off them regarding selling into new markets, without any business or commercial footing. This appeal grabbed the attention of these two mavens who perceived the gap that lingered in the ecosystem and decided to mitigate it. Hence, by pooling together their extensive sales and management experience, they incorporated natunatech.

The burning need existed in the market, where there was“ the need of a dedicated, trust worthy, experienced and a low cost, high returns sales partner” who could help Startups, Midsize entities or established players, garner client base in new markets, without risking heavy costs. This prompted us to come up with a 360-degree solution, where we literally transform into our clients in agreed markets. “Primarily, our Sales-as-a-managed service caters to the need of every entrant& CXO who wishes to open sales in new markets and post decent numbers, but inherently lacks the necessary commercial resources, manpower or local market knowledge,” narrates Samrat Parasnis, Founder & CEO, NatunaTech.

“Outsourcing sales is always tricky, as we have to generate numbers quarter-on-quarter to satisfy our clients, keep learning our client solutions and keep pace with the ever changing world of SaaS, Product and Technology domains,” Samrat adds.

NatunaTech’s offerings
NatunaTech holds expertise primarily in the Sales-as-a - Managed Service(SaaMS) domain, where we roll-up our sleeves and do hard sales. It avails this strategy for concocting a defined plan of action to boost sales by taking complete charge of all sales activities that encompasses research, learning solutions doing demo’s, proposals, closures and even account management.
The other chief offering of NatunaTech is Natuna Connect(Key Decision Maker Appointment Setting Service)which empowers its clients to leverage our repository of verified CXO data &relationship developed painstakingly by us over last few years, thereby directly engaging with the key decision makers. Our clients receive sales appointments with qualified and legitimately interested prospects that fit the parameters of their ideal clientele.

“We understand the expectations technology companies have from a sales partner like us. There is a constant need for predictability on numbers, performing beyond the usual and a vision on how its client base can be increased. Considering this need we opened up our platform, to help our clients earn a faster reach into the market on low fixed costs and higher revenue per sales costs,” informs Ronak Rajan, Founder & Director, NatunaTech.

NatunaTech aims to redefine and simplify the concept of outsourced sales

Ronak adds, “We understand through personal experiences, that no matter what CRM or lead generating tools a company uses, absolutely no one can replace the importance of relationships in Direct Sales. Further our sales process is a tried & tested that includes consulting, data mining, cold calling, creating pitches, client research, demo preparation, proposals, and finally account management, which we are glad to do. Hence when we say we will handle everything and keep the sales pipeline full; WE MEAN IT.”

Stepping up into 2020 & beyond
Initiating its journey from a living room, NatunaTech today has established two offices of its ownin India and a partner office in Germany, with more offices planned across Europe. It is observing a 100 per cent year-on-year growth, is bootstrapped and gung ho for FY 2020, with¬new talent brewing in its Mumbai office. “Our aim is to bring in a 360-degree platform, where any Entrepreneur, Founder or a mid-market CEO can choose to enter new markets, without fearing the burden of upfront investment on local hires or setting-up large internal teams”. We are on an expedition to redefine the concept of selling with a lowcost, lowrisk, highreturns partnership model, where NatunaTech owns specific territories and its client continues its focus on its core markets,”Ronak concludes on a positive note.

The duo at NatunaTech are mindful of the challenges lying ahead to keep its own growth steady and its partners happy. A lot of investment is being deployed to fortify the company and hire young, bright sales executives. As Founders, they still believe, hiring enthusiastic people early and fully investing in them early on, so that as business scales up, the more enjoyable and stress free it becomes.

Key Management:
Samrat Parasnis
Samrat comes with over 19 years of technology selling experience across European markets. He has straddled across various technology offerings from services to product companies. He has a passion for selling new technologies and is an acute follower of the technology trends. Sam has held key positions for large multinationals, as well as was part of early startup team instrumental in setting up and running sales. He did his MBA from one of Asia's finest B-schools IIM Calcutta. Sam has keen interest in music, reading and Tennis.

Ronak Rajan
Ronak has over 16 years of innovative technology sales and product marketing experience. His experience covers the Oil & Gas, Energy and Information Technology domains with experience in managing and delivering strong results. Ronak is a well networked Engineer and anMBA, with focus on Numbers, managing P&L and running diverse global teams. During his career, Ronak has successfully hunted, developed and closed multiple (Million+ $) deals whilst working in both Startup and large (Fortune 500) organizational setups. When not at work, Ronak spends time travelling with his family, on his Harley Davidson bike, or Powerlifting.

Offerings: Sales-As-A-Managed Service, Key Decision Maker Appointment Setting, Sales Consulting
Main Office: Mumbai