Nature And Thought: Making Healthy Living Easier With High-Quality Nutraceutical Supplements

Rajat Shah,  Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist

Rajat Shah

Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist

Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources that are of both – nutritional and medicinal value. Dietary supplements, herbal products, processed foods, and beverages are a few of the many formats used to prepare nutraceuticals. They can help prevent chronic diseases, increase life expectancy, and help with healthy aging.

While benefits of these natural products have been known, scientific studies by Nature and Thought, a dietary supplement brand having more than 37 years of technical expertise, have helped identify the right dose, right format, and the right concentration to be used, which aids in utilizing the full benefit of these products.

Inventia Healthcare Limited (the parent company of Nature and Thought), a pioneer in novel drug delivery solutions, was established in 1985 and is headquartered in Mumbai. Inventia’s strengths lie in its R&D, technological application, and high-quality standards. By leveraging Inventia’s inherent strengths, the founders forayed into the nutraceutical industry to produce high-quality nutraceuticals at affordable prices.

The company intends to re-introduce the benefits of Ayurveda with convenience, through science to Indians. Nature and Thought was a natural extension of Inventia. The nutraceutical industry is fast-growing and commands a considerable following on a global scale.
Therapeutic Benefits Achieved Naturally.
Today, Nature & Thought sells three products - Golden Hug, Zen Panda and Tranquil Tum. These products are designed to bring home the benefits of natural products such as Turmeric (joint & muscle health), Ashwagandha (stress and sleep support), and Boswellia (gut health). They help treat symptoms of joint pain, stress, and gut-related problems, respectively.

Currently, Nature & Thought is exploring delivery formats that will make healthy living easier and add an element of fun to consuming supplements.

One of the problems that most supplement and functional food brands face is consumer compliance. Consumers find it difficult to consume supplements every day; it is something that they easily forget. This is precisely the problem that Nature & Thought aims to solve by providing healthy nutraceuticals in a 1-A-Day dose.

The brand has also introduced a ‘habit journal’ to help consumers track their progress towards healthy habits. The journal won’t just increase consumer compliance concerning consuming supplements but will also solve a larger problem of assisting people in sticking to good habits.

Inventia Healthcare employs more than 160 scientists, works with more than 100 partners, and owns 79 publications and 27 patents.

Experience, product quality, and effective products in a one-a-day dose differentiate Nature and Thought’s products from other supplements. Nature and Thought products are available on various online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and their eCommerce website.

Passion For Quality
Quality is of extreme importance to the company. Multiple quality checkpoints are created for all components and processes involved in the production process – raw materials, the manufacturing process, finished product, packaging, and even the staff and suppliers. Products like surfactants are not even brought into their manufacturing facility. Effluents are effectively treated and reused. By using the same stringent quality mechanisms used in the pharmaceutical space, Nature and Thought goes beyond maintaining the quality of the products.

Nature and Thought’s vision is to serve users by manufacturing world-class supplements in preferred formats. The company plans to expand into the dietary supplement and functional food markets aggressively. While scaling up current operations, the company plans to expand the channels through which it presents its products. The brand’s products have been well received by the market, and the future looks bright for Nature and Thought.