Nature's Miracle: Revolutionizing The Way To Grow Plants

Anchal Kumar,  Co-Founder

Anchal Kumar


In India a few years ago, if someone had said that plants could be grown without soil, the reaction would have been one of scepticism. Thanks to the advancement of technology for revolutionizing the way of cultivation. Technologies such as aeroponics and hydroponics are the key driver fuelling the growth of a new way of nurturing plants in a controlled environment. One of the main reasons why people are preferring vegetables and fruits grown without soil is because of the rising pollution levels in air, soil, and water. For this reason, consumers across India are looking for a reliable brand that provides high-quality fruits and vegetables.

Nature's Miracle is one of the promising companies committed to produce fruits, vegetables, and packaged foods using advanced technologies such as hydroponics.The company is backed by its investor Dharampal Satyapal Group. Dharampal Satyapal Group always dreamt of following unique and world-class agricultural practices. So, they researched, planned, collaborated with experts, and now take pride in having invested in Nature's Miracle. The firm is also involved in bringing together the best minds from India and hydroponic technology experts from the Netherlands.

Recently, Dharampal Satyapal Group celebrated the launch of Nature's Miracle.

The celebrations went on for three days which included a familiarisation tour of the facility, followed by a sit down dinner curated by celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani and Chef Manish Mehrotra, using fresh produce from the green house. The magical dining setup at
the glasshouse, surrounded by hues of nature had the glitterati of Delhi. The idea was to get people to the facility and show them around, make them see what miracle the company is creating, feel and taste the goodness of the produce. Nature's Miracle is the first project in India with such a high level of computer controlled greenhouses and equipment, located in Greater Noida.

With the help of Ravi Kumar and Anchal Kumar, co-founders of Nature's Miracle, they were able to build an alternate paradigm inside a massive glasshouse. This verdantly exuberant four hectare space in Greater Noida is one of the few farms working on the principles of hydroponics that doesn't use the traditional soil growing method, instead, uses seed that is sown in nutrient rich water. The controlled environment keeps the fruits and vegetables in optimum condition, in their early stages of growth and until they are ready to be plucked and put in favourite miracle boxes. (Miraculous glasses)

By observing the importance of growing vegetables in a pollution free and sustainable environment, we are constantly innovating and adapting ourselves to deliver high-quality products

Apart from fruits and vegetables, Nature's Miracle also provides 100% Natural, Preservatives Free, Ready to cook sauces using their own produce. Nature's Miracle uses safe and sustainable food growing practices to produce nutrition packed easy-to-carry snack veggies enabling a healthy 'on-the-go' lifestyle for all age groups. "By observing the importance of growing vegetables in a pollution free and sustainable environment, we are constantly innovating and adapting ourselves to deliver highquality products", states Anchal Kumar, Co-Founder Nature's Miracle.

Since the inception of the company in 2016 their products have been available at premium food markets across Delhi NCR and are known for their consistency in taste, crunch and goodness. They are also constantly honing its skills at optimized farming in Indian conditions. This involves constantly synchronizing the Indian weather and other conditions to the highly advanced technology developed by the Dutch.

"In a few years, we would make more such facilities across different locations in India", says Anchal. "While we use 90 percent less water than the regular farming techniques, our plants grow two times faster. That's because we use the best mix of modern agricultural practices and the most advanced Dutch technology," explains Anchal. In conclusion, Anchal reiterates, "The 4-hectare glasshouse complex at Nature's Miracle at Greater Noida farm is the example of their commitment to create and promote healthy living through healthy eating".