Navipoint Health: Pioneering Health Optimization with Precision

Utpal J. Dave ,  Co-Founder & CEO

Utpal J. Dave

Co-Founder & CEO

Precision health is one of the latest concepts to enter the healthcare industry. It focuses on providing personalized health insights to individuals based on their specific needs and risk factors. It is being used to develop customized treatments and interventions for a variety of nutritional and lifestyle issues. In addition, precision health is being used to strengthen prevention and improve population health.

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Chicago(US), Navipoint Health is a global precision health company bringing health optimization tools to everyone's doorstep. They provide access to the latest science in the form of unique products backed by more than a decade of research. The last few years have been dedicated solely to investigating the interplay between a person's DNA and microbiome, assessing the risks involved, and taking appropriate steps to improve health. A key finding of their research is that dietary response and health outcomes are strongly linked with a person's genome(DNA) and gut microbiome composition(gut bacteria). This helped them grow an extensive knowledge base and build tools which map complex associations between food, symptoms, disease, gut bacteria and DNA. The end goal of every analysis is to provide actionable diet and lifestyle advice that improves overall health.

Navipoint boasts a lineup of offerings that are life stage based, which cater to younger
populations as well as adult populations. The firm will soon introduce a longevity offering for later stages of life. Currently, the company's products are helping both practitioners and end users gain a clear picture of root causes such as microbiome imbalances and genetic factors.

High precision and multi dimensionality are the firm's strongest differentiators.
Navipoint Health had a fantastic voyage since its inception with the launch of products in a multiphased manner, both in India and the U.S. The company has always viewed the Indian market and consumers as open to holistic and alternative approaches like functional medicine, Ayurveda and other nontraditional modalities. During the initial phase, the emphasis was on demonstrating product efficacy through customer interactions and interventional studies with leading hospitals. Moreover, the firm received exceptionally positive feedback during the pilot launch of its products and has witnessed very extraordinary growth in terms of customer adoption up until now.

The combination of founders, scientific advisors, and highly experienced team members has led to the company's growth

The founders have spent decades in the research and commercial sector, working on advanced computing, data analytics, precision, medicine, and bioinformatics. The team collectively has over 100 scientific publications to date. The advisory board consists of internationally renowned scientific and clinical leaders and Navipoint members with good experience in health and wellness genetics AI, and bioinformatics. The firm has collaborated with the University of Chicago and more than fifty leading institutions across the U.S. which led to the development of state-of-the-art products for commercial use. "The leadership may stem from the founders and the foundational work we had done at the University of Chicago and else where. But it really does come from a lot of quarters throughout the organization” shares Utpal J. Dave, Co-Founder & CEO, Navipoint Health.

The future looks promising as there are ongoing investments in the R& D department, and the firm wants to bring discoveries into commercial space into its existing range of products and offerings. It plans to expand its market reach through several strategic partnerships, many of which are already en route to finalization. In addition, the firm is also in talks to develop an ecosystem of partners to build awareness, cater to complex health needs, and optimize health and wellness.