Navyam Consultancy: An HR Consultancy Firm Aiming to Bridge Industry Gaps by Providing them Productive Manpower

Satyam Kumar & Navneet Singh,   Co-FoundersThe market is favourable. Companies are on expansion presently, and are getting empanelled with recruitment agencies to satisfy their manpower requirements as it's cost efficient and time saving.

Recruitment agencies connect a couple of companies out there who are hiring through vendors and Navyam consultancy is also moving towards the same because they are increasing the team & their portfolio sizes.

Inaugurated in 2021, Navyam Consultancy is an HR consulting firm that strives to overcome a talent gap in industries by providing them with productive manpower.

It is now based in Bangalore and has its office in the HSR layout area. Satyam Kumar and Navneet Singh has completed their Post graduate Program in Management from ICFAI Business School Bangalore in 2020 and have moved into corporate through their campus placement also they have explored the domain (Sales/Marketing & Human Resource) on ground and founded the corporation in 2021.

Navyam consultancy is a recruitment agency that primarily deals in NON-IT and have started exploring IT recruitment too.

Navyam Consultancy aims to fill the skills vacuum in companies by providing them with productive workforce and the business does not charge any fees to its applicants/Job
seekers. The company give them the most chances. The team at Navyam Consultancy also ensures on preparing the candidates for the Interview, they assist their applicants to prepare their resume, they provide mock calls and supply them with the necessary information to qualify all the rounds.

We believe to stick in our commitments & creating a point of difference

The driving aspect behind Navyam consultancy is something where people have battled with acquiring a job and have observed a couple of peers still battling to acquire a work.

Whatever placements Navyam consultancy has made till date have been favourable, and whatever feedback the firm has received from candidates has like wise been positive.

It's been nearly a year, and the firm is experiencing good growth and expanding its clientele the revenue generated by the company is also on the positive side of their business and the team size they have is nearly 25+ People that Includes Full time employees Interns and Freelancers.

Satyam Kumar, Co-Founder
The firm does assist on end-to-end recruitment. The roadmap for the future indicates that whatever industries they are dealing with will continue to be dealt with also they will get empanelled with more companies in the same & other industries.

The founders believe; Every business should have one hero product/service before Increasing the product/service line hence they want to work primarily in the NON-IT recruitment, going forward, the firm will expand its product/service line and will get partnered with couple of more companies.

"We will continue to deploy technology, we will attempt new things, we will change the novel, and we will apply new tactics as they become available”, concludes Satyam Kumar, Founder of Navyam Consultancy.